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Losing weight went from 20 stone in 2013 to 15 stone 13 now in September 2015. Thanks to cannabis, slimming world and Hypothyroidism diet...

However I still have problems - bloody fatigue! High cortisol, Vitamin D is medium range but slightly low. Despite supplementing, I am still feeling lack of concentration and currently studying my law degree and its a pain in the butt and lecturers have laughed at me for all the blonde stuff I have come out with. Its really really bad! The simplest of tasks and words and so on I used to be able to grasp and now I am cant any more. I can not follow instructions properly, my memory is very rubbish, still waking up absolutely fatigued to hell, I am in a post lottery area the medical staff at Wishaw general hospital and Monklands hospital,Coatbridge are a bunch of clowns.Some time ago, I even had a female doctor from Wishaw general hospital threatening security because I refused to leave the premises because I demanded blood tests at accident emergency as my symptoms were killing me and all I got was oh your thyroid levels are normal don't worry and as for your symptoms, nothing to worry about they are all part and parcel of your condition and your not gonna die. I said look! I am suffering please treat me properly! Everytime I go to the hospital with something that I feel is really bad and feeling like rubbish. The minute I mention hypothyroidism or bipolar, I get dismissed and sent home with paracetamol tablets!

When I was threatened by the doctor to go home or we contact security to go out, I kept pushing and pushing and questioning her authority - oh she hated it and gritted her teeth! The minute I mentioned I was studying my law degree they all backed off and started doing blood tests at A and E. Any other time before that, I have never had that! This doctor I saw her last year dismissing my high iron levels as me appearing to be on cocaine and sent me to a psychiatrist.

I hate these omniscient psychic doctors that think everything I am experiencing is all in my head.

Cannabis has helped ease my symptoms, has helped reduce my medications, followed by the slimming world diet and hypothyroidism diet.

Now for over a month I have ran out of cannabis and the old symptoms are back....grrrr

My tsh is 0.01 which is well below 1. T4 is very low 1.1 ( normal range 9-21) and T3 is 5.6 ( normal range 5-6.9) I am currently taking 85mg of T3 and I was on 90mg of T3. Going by my thyroid test results, could I then take an extra 5mg of t3? I cant tolerate levothyroxine very well and pig thyroid also although I did well losing the weight on pig thyroid. I was one t4 t3 but I was really really ill on the stuff!

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I'm not sure about your medication but I am curious about the cannabis bit!!!


Cannabis speeds up your metabolism: it has a direct effect on your liver,heats it up and helps speed up your metabolism, heals the thyroid and gets things moving:)

I'm now 13 stone and rescued meds 12 times:)


Hello flashinthepan,

Sorry to hear of all your ongoing health issues.... It must be very difficult when trying to study for a law degree.

Is your suspected Hashimotos confirmed yet with a high antibody count of either TPOAb or TGAb..? .?

What are your nutrient levels like.. ? ? If studying hard are you eating a well balanced diet..? ?

Your T3 & T4 are much too low but I think you need to consider making your meds work as opposed to just adding more..!!

ALL thyroids meds//hormones synthesis better with no//low thyroid antibodies, OPTIMAL levels of Vit D, Vit B12, folate and ferritin and a healthy diet consisting of fats, carbs and proteins. ... Many members need to supplement nutrients but it is important to get your GP to test first.

Are you taking your pill(s) on an empty stomach with a glass of water, 1 hour before food, 2 hours before supplements and 4 hours before calcium, iron or vit D supplements/??.

Well done on the weight lose but I don't know if your methods are to be advocated....lol.! !.. Are you smoking the cannabis with tabaco.? / ..tabaco has very negative effects on the thyroid gland..!

Thyroid hormone imbalance can cause ..(.or exacerbate existing..).. anxiety irrationality, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, aggression, phobias, and lots more ...so ..smoking cannabis when thyroid hormones are in such a precarious state is not recommended...! ! !

Research over the last 10 years has suggested that cannabis can have serious consequences for people.... such as the development of an enduring psychotic illness, particularly in those who are genetically vulnerable.

If you are genetical vulnerable to developing Hashimotos and Hypothyroidism..I would be mindful about habitually smoking cannabis...even if it did help with weight loss as a balanced endocrine system and nutritional diet will aid with weight loss too.

If you are taking cannabis for medical reasons.....I know of at least one member who has found Cannabidiol—CBD—to have significant medical effects. When isolated from the plant, CBD oil is actually thought to counteract the psychoactive properties of THC found in cannabis.

Many use it for skin conditions like acne and eczema to neurological diseases like Huntington’s and Parkinson’s to mental illness like anxiety and PTSD. It’s also showing incredible potential to fight cancer, autoimmune disorders, and inflammation.

Some say they even still get the high that I know you so enjoy as indicated in your previous posts..! ! ! !





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Oh yeah...I will face jail la la la

Yeah that's right! " it causes psychosis " does it fffff

Well question: How come Bipolar was removed off my record? How come my 22 hour chronic bed ridden fatigue has been reduced massively? How come autoimmune disease has been removed from my record?

Absolutely! This can be advocated big style! Not everyone knows their body's own constitution, not everyone knows what to eat to counteract and balance out the after effects of smoking cannabis as well as drinking it!

Whilst cannabis is mainly cooling in nature, it causes heat in the liver,then the liver cools down, it also creates Damp heat in Chinese medicine: you eat foods to cool and break up all the toxins, mucous, etc. Then you balance out! :)


Flashinthepan, You can increase T3 by 5mcg without going over range. Your FT4 is low because you are taking T3 direct and don't need T4 for conversion.

Congratulations on the significant weight loss.


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