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Hi everyone

Am seriously in need of advice. My head, neck, chest and back are as heavy as if am carrying a load. My ears are full especially d right ear.even my jaw and tongue are so heavy to talk. My heart beats and skips like some seconds b4 another beat. I have gone for ECG and echocardiogram last 2months but all appeared normal. Pls is anyone xperiencing same thing?

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Yea unfortunately same thing pain exactly like yourself ive hasimoto an these symtoms come an go for me . If you post all blood results someone will advise you they are all very helpful with great knowledge of the whole tyroid delema 😁


Ears feeling full is a typical symptoms of hypothyroidism. My wild guess is that this may be linked to low temperature while asleep, which is also a symptom of hypo, and you may notice you feel cold when getting up. I do, and I get v cross with my husband who is not hypo and leaves the back door open in the mornings!

Your back: hmm, well I find my back seizes up very easily. My guess is that this is another hypo symptom. I bought on impulse one of those back massager seats about nine months ago, it has absolutely helped - they're about £100 or so but so worth the money for me, and I lie against it in the evening watching television and feeling the very tight muscles begin to relax. I wish I'd known about it years ago.

Do you think your neck and back are very very tight? Do you lie awake at night feeling terribly uncomfortable, do you feel ever that you want to hang upside down to get rid of the discomfort?

You don't by any chance have a job which involves being at a computer for hours on end, do you?


If you are on levothyroxine and not absorbing it properly this is an excerpt from a doctor who treats the patient and not the blood test:

"If thyroxine isn't being properly processed and taken up by our tissues, the unused thyroxine thyroxine builds up and causes toxicity heart problems and palps almost invariably."

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