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Blood results and surprise

Hi bloods first

TSH 0.3. (0.2-4.2). FT4. 20.5. (12-22). FT3. 4.4. (3.1-6.8)

Brief history : 18 months into treatment ,2 doctors but at last a little progress. Starting to feel a little better but having fog and heads on a daily basis but no afternoon sleep needed now. Genova adrenal test done, actually turned out high on early test and in range the rest of day (details on previous post). Used Toft article for ammo on previous gp visit ,got a dose increase and a T3 test agreement .

Now the surprise

Gp reads results and says all is fine, no it's not I say tell her about continuing symptoms, remind her about Toft and the need for suppression and how well things have been going (bit of smoke blowing never hurts) she took off her glasses and said I'm not happy continuing to treat you anymore it would be better if you saw an endo now !!!!!!

25 g increase would have done it but no way, couldn't get her to budge, probably 12 weeks at least to get appointment .

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Clubby, TSH and FT4 are good but FT3 could be higher and would undoubtedly have risen with a 25mcg dose increase. I'm not sure an endo will agree a dose increase is necessary, it will very much depend on the endo you see.

Email for a list of member recommended endos and ask your GP to refer you to an endo on the list.


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