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What to do next ?

Hi haven't posted for sometime I have under active thyroid diagnosed 8 years ago I'm 54 have off the scale anti bodies high cholesterol and am in the menopause 5 years ago I became very ill and posted on here then my health is at rock bottom I have seen a couple of specialists all saying it's not my hasi because my levels are in range I take 100mg of thyroxine have been on and off statins and hrt my neck and thyroid hurts constantly I fell sick constantly no energy feel like I'm drunk all the time feel really strange inside week joints some days I feel like I'm going to die also it's as if I've got something constantly in my thoat constant running nose as if I've got cold doctors at hospital have done loads of test even a brain scan what do I do only results I have are these 1. T4 15.7. Tsh 3.23 taken on 14/7/15. T4 16.7. Tsh0.66 taken 12/315. T4 14.1 tsh0.38 serum free tridothyronine level3.7. Taken31/12/14 . Tried the gluten free but can't cope with it what should I do. So times low vit d and high calcium levels

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One thing that stands out to me is the high calcium and that could mean you have a hyperparathyroid which is caused by a parathyroid adenoma (benign) It often goes hand in hand with Hashi's and can make you feel like crap. Please try to get your Dr. to check your PTH and read this website www.parathyroid. com it has the best info that I've found on the subject, but it is a US run site and the calcium measurements are different than the UK's. Best of luck to you and keep pushing on. Hopefully, they'll find whats causing your symptoms.


Hello whiteley,

High cholesterol can be caused by low thyroid hormone.

When the thyroid slows down (hypothyroidism), it also slows down the body's ability to process cholesterol, which reduces the function of LDL receptors that helps remove the bad cholesterol from the body. This accumulates in the blood stream increasing both LDL and total cholesterol levels.

Optimal thyroid meds together with dietary changes and exercise are recommended to lower cholesterol levels.

However your T3 is really low. T3 is converted from T4 (thyroxine) and to aid this conversion you should ensure that iron and Vit levels are optimal. You could also try supplementing selenium.

This link below explains the importance of supplements in people with thyroid issues.

Antibody levels need to be managed or can cause further inflammation and disease in your body such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and PA. Many find a gluten free diet helps ....perhaps you can retry. If you are unwell, your bodies immune system can mistakenly identify the gluten protein molecules for thyroid tissue.

A trial of at least 3-6 months totally gluten free is recommended by Izabella Wentz to determine if a reduction in antibody levels can be felt. Sometimes a small amount of gluten can then be tolerated. I eat gluten when eating out now and have no reaction.

My antibody levels have definitely reduced and I have also benefited from therapeutic dosing of Curcumin, known to reduce inflammation in the body.

Jean has explained above possible consequences of high calcium levels.

Link below explains the connection between low thyroid hormones and high cholesterol.



Your last TSH was too high. Can't tell about the others, really, because you Don't give ranges, it would just be a guess. But with a TSH that high, you obviously need an increase in dose.

If you give the FT4 and FT3 with ranges, we'll be able to see if you're converting ok. :)


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