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Blood Results

Just had my latest blood test result from Medichecks home testing. 5 weeks ago with increase in Levo.

TSH 1.65. Range (0.27-4.2)

FREE THYROXINE 20.8. (1.29-22.0)

T3 4.0. (3.1-6.8)

6 weeks ago (without increase in Levo from 100 to 125)

TSH 3.97


Free T3 3.5

Do you think it's going in the right direction. ?

Would mention I did the blood tests different times of day.

Also I had TT 10 years ago.

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Hello Den,

Yes heading the right direction with TSH reducing, T4 & T3 heading up.

Many who medicate on Levothyroxine function best when TSH is around 1.0 and T3 & T4 are in upper quadrant of range so there is still room for little improvement although T4 is nearly top.

Do you feel better? You may get better T4 to T3 conversion with supplements like selenium.

Remember symptoms may lag 6 weeks behind good biochemistry.



Good afternoon Flower. I eat Brazil nuts every day.

I thought there was a little improvement this week, but I take my Levo at

5 ish in the morning then fall back to sleep, but then wake with a pounding heart beat, tearful and anxious. My husband said try taking it a bit later.

What do you think.


Taking Levo shouldn't have that effect. If you were taking liothyronine that would make sense, but you aren't. I wonder if you're sensitive to the fillers in your brand of levothyroxine? It doesn't actually matter what time of day you take it, so long as it's away from food and iron supplements.


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