Trying a new Doc

I have an appointment end of October with Dr Chapman at the Centre of Integrated Medicine. It's not registered so can't use private health - but the private endo was of no use, sigh, just went with TSH levels.

Anyhow- anyone know if he is interested in the genetic side? What tests does he run?

Otherwise- any comments pertaining to him can you pm me please as per guidelines?

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  • Where do you live ??????????????

    I know of 3 really good endos

  • Kent really is too far lol. Although my boy is at Canterbury university.

  • 'Integrated medicine' - sounds as though Dr Chapman uses diet and herbs in addition to conventional drugs and surgery. Would love to hear how you get on, and how much it all costs.... (a friend told me that with anything private it's the blood tests that are the most expensive aspect....). You could maybe google Dr Chapman to find out whether he's a registered doctor as well as an 'alternative' practitioner?

    Very best of luck

  • Oh, i've done lots of googling lol. Haven't read anywhere saying about the genetic side of things though. I am aware that functional doctors do a lot of tests to see what is actually going on. Just wondered if anyone had personal experience. Will feed back whether he is good or naughty list lol.

  • I see him. Will PM you. Btw, for anyone searching for info about him later, I'm happy to get PMs with questions.

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