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Adjusting t3 & t4

I added 6.25mcg t3 to my 125mcg t4 and 2 weeks later increased to 12.5mcg of t3 and reduced t4 to 100mcg. Felt unwell immediately so followed advice on here to stay on 100mcg of t4 and stop t3 for 2 days then introduce 6.25mcg of t3 again. This worked brilliant I felt much better after a few days and have been feeling really good since, temp and pulse up. 😀

Anyway it's been 2 weeks on the current dose and I've begun to get symptoms back, and pulse and temps low again. Is this because there is less t4 in my system?

Wondering what I need to do..

Add 6.25mcg t3 in afternoon?

Add more t4 either 12.5 or 25mcg?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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I would increase T3 by another 6.25. I prefer taking my dose once daily but some others split theirs.

When symptoms begin to return it's time to increase the dose slightly, as you have done taking note of pulse/temp.

T4 is a prohormone and has to convert to T3, so T3 straight I believe is best to make you feel better.

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Thank you, that's the way I was leaning. Splitting the dose makes life difficult avoiding multivitamins so I might consider taking it in one go.


Pinklady, I would take a 2nd dose of 6.25mcg 8-12 hours after the first. Get used to the dose increase for a couple of weeks before trying 12.5mcg in one dose.

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Ok thanks I'll give that a try. 😀


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