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NDT & T3

I am now on wk 15 of NDT and on 1 grain, I feel good but not optimal. I am working on ferritin and doing saliva test tomorrow. I was wondering if T3 would help with my ndt as I can't raise. I don't have any recent blood work. Last time was just before I started NDT and all thyroid results were in range. Posted them all previously. Looking for some advice and what dosage I should take.

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Thank you for your reply AngelaBlu

My results showed whilst on Levo that I was pretty optimal so I know that I don't need a lot of NDT to feel good and as such 1 grain is ok which is a blessing as I can't raise above 1.5 grains anyway (iron or ferritin, possible culprit?) However I do still have a little brain fog and muddled speech so think this may be the way forward.

I am on my own as the doc isnt interested and will only do the standard TSH etc so I go private for bloods and order my NDT but not sure how to dose on T3 with my NDT, do you have any advice on this?

Thank you for the info you have sent me I will have a look at this also.


Ashley, it's pure guesswork without bloods since you've been on NDT. Have you tried increasing NDT by 1/8 or 1/4 grain? It may be that 1/2 grain was more than you require.


Thanks for your reply clutter, I am going to stay on 1 grain until I can get all my bloods done and then see where to go from there. As you say it would just be guesswork if I make changes (T3) without knowing what's what. I have tried moving up by 1/4 and I am fine but not sure whether I am necessarily better if that makes sense. Thank you again, feel like I am going round in circles with it all but once I get the bloods done I will have a better idea of where I am with everything.


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