Tandem SkyDive World Record Attempt

Tandem SkyDive World Record Attempt

Thyroid UK are considering booking places for the above charity challenge and we are looking for people who might be interested in taking part!

On 11th June 2016 Skyline will be attempting to smash their current record for the 'most tandem jumps completed in 24 hours'. They are aiming to have 350 skydivers across 8 airfields.

We would probably be looking at using the airfield at Cambridgeshire as that is the one nearest to the Thyroid UK head office, however if there are enough people interested in another area that would be fine.

We have to book a minimum of 10 places at one airfield and this will cost Thyroid UK £100, which is why we have decided to try and gauge interest before booking the places. For people taking part there would be a minimum sponsorship target of £395.

If you think you might be interested, or know someone who would please contact me as soon as possible on this thread, by message or by email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org

Thank you! :)



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  • I'll ask my husband, ex motorbiking 'hoon' he's usually up for adrenaline rush (wish he could have my unwanted ones 😓), think this might be on his 'Bucket List' 😏

  • Brill! :) Thanks! xx

  • He says he's up for it! I'll give him your email address later so he can contact you direct! Rather him than me 😆

  • Hopefully Dave has contacted you direct now, no going back! 😵

  • lol! He has indeed, I have emailed him..



  • just so long as he uses a parachute and not the bucket when he jumps out of the plane !!!!!

  • Are there any limits on the volunteers? Like weight. I seem to remember that there is a maximum weight allowed for a tandem - but it might depend on the qualified jumper's weight as well.

  • my excuse too Rod :)

  • Seems to be 15 stone or thereabouts...

    Why - are you offering..!? :)


  • Not now. :-)

  • I have e.mailed you [ yesterday ] ...... please check it out .....s.s.s.a. xxx

  • got it.


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