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I've just woken up and felt a bit off. My heart was racing and I had to nip to the toilet. I'm only on 50mg Levo and I've only been taking them 6 days. Is this likely to be a side effect or just a funny moment. I feel ok again now so it passed quite quick. I'm prone to a bit of panic anyway but haven't had any panic for months. Maybe im just stressing. Many thanks for any advice. x

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Hello Laura,

Your body is just adjusting to new much needed thyroid hormones. Some experience a few "odd" moments but the closer to being optimally medicated, the better you will feel. I suffered vertigo for several weeks when I first started medicating four years ago.

Unfortunately thyroid hormones can only be increased in small increments as the body can not tolerate too much too soon, so it can take a while to feel totally balanced.

Levothyroxine takes about a week for a difference to be noticed and 6 weeks for it to be totally utilised within the body.

Your previous post contained excellent advice regarding starting medicating on Levothyroxine. I have provided a link below explaining the importance of nutrient supplementing as many hypothyroid people suffer deficiencies.

I hope you feel better soon,


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I get palpitations every time I have a dose increase, and was scared witless when it first happened. I was checked over, and reassured that I didn't need to worry (I still did, of course). I still get them now, and I guess I have got used to them.


Thanks Flower and BeansMummy for the messages. I gusse I will have to just take it one day at a time. I will have a look at that link now. x


They say palpitations are over medication

most find it's also under medication or low iron


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