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NP Thyroid availability in Europe? And Erfa...never-ending story

I contacted a European pharmacy that has previously been able to order NP Thyroid, and was told it is no longer available as it is no longer being manufactured in the that true?!??!

Also, I have a question about Erfa Thyroid. I have read so much about its supposed reformulation (that is a rather creepy word since the Armour reformulation a few years back), and I have had some problems myself, especially with itching. However, recent lab work showed that I was overmedicated, and that both my Ft3 and my Ft4 levels were over range. Since then, I have decreased my daily dosage by 1 grain (from 6 to 5 grains), and I am so much better now...the itching is all but gone. On 6 grains of Erfa, I was overmedicated (according to labs). On 6 grains of Armour, back in 2012, my labs were barely above the lower normal range. Coincidence...?!

What has happened to Armour? I read some time ago that it had been reformulated (or rather re-re-formulated) and was more or less like it used to be before the unappreciated 2009 reformulation, but is that true...? I really don't feel like trying it again, unless someone can vouch for its current effectiveness, as I have had such problems in the past...

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thecat, as far as I know NP is still produced by Acella Pharmaceuticals in the USA. I don't think it has been available in the UK. Perhaps Acella have discontinued distribution outside of USA. You can contact Acella via their website in the link below if you want to find out whether they distribute to Europe.

As itching resolved when you reduced dose it had nothing to do with reformulation. If you absorb Erfa better than you absorbed Armour in 2012 that would account for the difference in thyroid levels.


Clutter, I believe you are right about symptom resolution! I will contact Acella, and if I hear anything worth posting, I will will post it here.


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