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Activis Levo

Between last October when my results were good, I lost over a stone without even trying and I felt good, and now where TSH, fT4 and fT3 have gone up. I feel very tired, deeply depressed, put on that stone without trying, suffering more joint pain, etc; I change my pharmacy.

I used to get 100mg Levo in the gold and white box from Boots. I did well on this. As we don't have a local Boots, I used to travel to the nearest town to get it. Now the docs want all scripts done via electronic repeats at the local Lloyds pharmacy.

Their 100mg Actavis Levo is in orange and white boxes.

Just a thought but could the change in my levels be anything to do with this? Could the different box colours have slightly different doses?

I know different brands and batches can be a problem.

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Daizeefoo, Actavis is sold as Almus in Boots. The product is the same but the packaging is different. If Boots participates in electronic scripts ask your practice to have the script emailed to Boots. If not, ask to collect your script from the practice so you can have it dispensed at the pharmacy of your choice. I have the option to continue to collect a script from my practice and I choose from one of around 30 participating pharmacies to collect my prescription from.

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If the packaging is the only difference then maybe that isn't the cause. Thank you Clutter.


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