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Substitute for Nutri Thyroid?

Good afternoon.

Does anyone know of a thyroid support product similar to Nutri Thyroid?

I am taking 6 of these per day, as advised by Dr P. I am still unwell after three years and there is a chance that the acacia in Nutri a Thyroid is upsetting me, as it did when I briefly took Actavis thyroxine. Something is blocking my health and energy, and a process of elimination, though a long and weary road, May shed light. I am afraid to give up thyroid support completely, having been on it three years. I also take 275 mcg thyroxine. A high dose....which isn't really working.

Thank you for any ideas you might have!


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Joey I'm sorry I cannot answer your question but do you have a copy of your most recent blood test results, with the ranges that you can post.

Personally, it was only when I added some T3 to a reduce T4 that I immediately felt a difference. Now I am on T3 only and feel fine now.

Maybe if you were able to add some T3 (liothyronine) in a 1 part T3 to 3 parts levo on a trial basis it might do the trick. i.e. T3 comes in 20mcg or 25mcg doses. Seeing you are already on levo it should just be a straight switchover.


Thank you, Clutter. I have been debating adding T3 for many months. I had a bad experience with it a year or more ago. I was on 25mcg, split into four doses. But my doctor told me to take it as sole medicine, scrapping the levothyroxine. So after week, when the stored Levo drained from my body, the T3 was not enough and I felt terrible, so I gave it up and went back to Levo. I don't think 25 T3 replaces 250 Levo, which was my dose then. Both he and I are wary of T3, but I wonder if adding to a lowere dose of Levo would work?

I could write all day, now you have set me off!

I tried Nature Throid two years ago, for one day, had a severe adrenal collapse and had to take about 10 Prednisolone to get over it. My adrenals are better supported now; I'm on 30 mg HC oils, supervised by Dr Peatfield, I know it seems a lot, but he says go up to 40 if you feel a crash coming on. Where it says'oils' it means pills, can't edit this box. Sorry. I was only on 1% cream before and it is too weak for me.

I had a collapse in 2012 after a death in the family, got better on Prednisolone thanks to Dr Ch...y, now retired, had a food poisoning in 2013 and have been a wheelchair ever since. Three years ago I was a teacher of dance and drama and began the day with ballet! I can potter round the house but need the wheelchair for distances longer than 1,000 steps, counting that as the whole days activity I mean. I am stunned by my weakness and failure to get better and the reduced life I am living. I feel as if I am in a nightmare.

A Genova stool test shows blasto hominis so I have an appointment with Dr Appelles Econs at his famous allergy clinic to see if it's harming me and to discuss my many food intolerances. I have high ferritin, so inflammation, which could be caused by the blasto and could be causing my medicines not to work. I'm gluten-free, wheat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, yeast-free, many things-free, but this virtue is as yet unrewarded. I went downhill after the food poisoning in 2013. My decline may not be connected to the food poisoning ( improperly cooked salmon, yuk) but stranger things have happened! That inflamnation is coming from somewhere and my diet is so bland and boring it can't be that!

I'm fathoming this out on my own. There is a limit to how supportive doctors can be, even paid ones.

These are my thyroid results from last year ( if you are still reading!)

Blood from Blue Horizon:

Free T3 5.1 ( 3.1-6.8)

Reverse T3 ...35 (9-35..... I know, I know!

Free T4. 31.92. (12-22) ...I know!

TSH. <0.010 (0.270-4.220)

Ferritin 232.9. (13-150)

Overdose of thyroid meds, yes! And at that point I was only on 175 as opposed to 275 now, and I didn't take thyroxine till after the blood draw.

All the Genova vits were high in range, except for Total Iron Binding Capacity

Of 43 (45-70)

Recently I had a Genova urine thyroid test.that gave me

T3 1,460 (800-2500)

T4. 1,200 (550-3,160)

T4-t3 Ratio. 1.22 (0.50-2.00)

I take daily:

30 mg hydrocortisone ( self bought)

275 levothyroxine ( half from the NHS, half topped up by purchase on internet)


6 Nutri Thyroid

An alphabet of vitamins,

Betaine for meals,


2 Swansons Adrenal Glandulars

I see Dr P but I think I'm his Heartsink patient.

The medication list is over dose, surely, but I feel much better than when I was on lower doses of all this stuff!

I read a lot, all the famous thyroid books.

I scour this forum and others obsessively. I read Pubmed, Metck Manuals, Pulse (subscription)

Where to go from here? If you have not scrolled away by now......

And Clutter, many many thanks for prompting me to set this out in writing!

Thanks to the forum, it's a very kind place!



Hi Joeyis7

Before the blood tests and levothyroxine were introduced we were diagnosed by our clinical symptoms and took NDT on a trial basis and if we felt better it was increased until we were well, so there was no TSH or other bloods to be bothered about. If we felt overdosed we just reduced slightly.

So, you now say you feel much better on your higher dose. By the way 25mcg of T3 is equal to around 75mcg levo, so you were very under-dosed. It used to be thought it was equivalent to 100mcg of levo.

You certainly have suffered some traumas - first with the death in the family plus all your other ill-health problems. Shock can have an unbelievable affect on our bodies. I believe if our thyroid gland is up the creek there is no way we can take strain/upsets etc and we can also have anxiety attacks, insomnia and the list goes on.

I don't need a particularly high dose of T3 but I now feel well and everything in my body is connected and relaxed (if that makes sense). I also have energy and I don't feel very unwell which I did on levo alone.

I tried NAX etc but it didn't agree with me but it might have been the levo although I didn't realise it at the time.

If you wish to give T3 another chance follow the 1 part T3 to 3 T4 (or as near as). I take my T3 once daily as recommended by Dr Lowe who took 150mcg of T3 daily (dosing in the middle of the night). The following might be helpful in your journey to better health but we all know it is trial and error and hopefully somewhere we can strike a happy balance. I think we are now more aware of our bodies than before we became hypo because everything happened without any effort on our part then.

Best wishes


Thank you so much for this, Clutter.

I have felt that T3 will be the answer, but have been afraid, after the T3 and NDT trials that failed. But it couldn't kill me, so I am building up my courage.

It good to know that advice is near!

Best wishes,



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