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Sympathetic Endo required


Does anyone know of any good private Doctors or Endos that might prescibe NDT Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire or London? I'm so sick of chasing my tail to get help. I've seen two hopeless Endocinologists so far, one who said Thyroxine is fine and that I should stop being a hypochondriac and the second who discharged me as I was too fat and that was the primary reason for me being hypothyroid and also as to why my body is not responding to Levo. I kid you not.

I have contacted the lovely lady at ThyroidUK but wondered if anyone could private message me some info.



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GBZ, NDT isn't licensed for UK use. few doctors are trained in it's use, and the BTA and Royal Colleges are against it, so it is rare for it to be prescribed on the NHS. Most members using it have private prescriptions or buy on the internet and self medicate.

If you wish to consider self medicating members can advise how to transition if you post recent thyroid results and ranges, and will advise via PM where to source it.


Hi GBZK. I sent you a private message in response to this, but just realised that if you don't have email notifications seletected, you may not know about it!


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