Day one on Thiroyd Greater Pharma

Hi all

Received my NDT thiryod greater pharma yesterday.

i took half a tablet mid day yesterday at 30mg.

Last night i broke my levo in half from 75mcg to 37mcg and took half the thiroyd which equals 30mg and also took a klonopin for sleep (not something i usually do, but took it just in case)

I woke up this morning and am feeling really good. the first thing i did was take another half tablet thiroyd.

The biggest change i noticed was my head, not the normal heavy head and extreme tiredness i would feel EVERY SINGLE DAY before i drank my coffee. (would love to do away with the coffee, but not this day)

I also feel AWAKE, i think i got about 9 hours (which i am aware is a lot of sleep) but normalle would still feel tired.

i am REALLY excited and you guys are the only ones that understand what im talking about.

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  • I am glad you are having a good effect and wish you well on your new regime.

  • Hi again, I'm a skeptic so the anticipation of a new result could be part of this but also the T3 in your NDT may be kicking in. I do believe you are going to improve one way or another as you go along and it is exciting to think you are really making progress. Keep posting, we all need more hope and encouragement!

  • i agree, and i have that thought in the back of my head. im a practical thinker, so, its a good day and it could be just that.

    fingers crossed

  • Hello arugula,

    Really great news to find a hopeful road to recovery and sorry to rain on your parade but........

    Coffee impacts the absorption of levothyroxine so take pill at least an hour before drinking coffee. It also interferes with conversion of T4 to T3.


  • thats actually good information, and i as it happens, thats what i did today (by accident) my boyfriend doesnt have a coffee maker, so, i usually get up from his house and go to dunkin donuts when i stay over, im open to any and all suggestions.

    thank you for that

  • Great news !! Some of us go right from levo to NDT in one day and don't bother with 'weaning' off levo. But I am also a great believer in following our instincts.

    It might be helpful for you to start a log or diary, keeping a daily record of what you are taking and when... your heart rate, temp and bp (if you have a bp meter) and most important.. how you are feeling and how you are reacting to your meds.

    Try not to wait more than two weeks or so before you raise your NDT dosage again and only raise by 1/2 grains (30 mgs). At six weeks, it will be a good idea to get labs done on tsh/ft3/ft4/rt3 to see where you are at.

    The transformation (as it was in my case) that can happen when one finally starts

    getting t 3 in their system is nothing short of miraculous. Good luck to you.

  • i would like to start with just NDT but am afraid to. as far as starting a journal, that is a great idea.

  • almost a week on NDT and i feel like a new person! i like waking up in the morning now and im getting lots of things done, it feels amazing! it does keep me up at night because i take half a tablet around 6pm along with half my normal dose of levo, and though i get much less sleep each night, i still feel great the next day. I am so greatful for this website, joining it was life changing.

  • i have the medication journal, (that was a great idea) i stopped the levo 4 days ago, and im doing great! ei feel the energy coming back more every day, this is a new world to me, and im loving it

    thank you all for your encouragement

  • I saw this on Amazon just now. It had great reviews and thought I would make more enquiries. Wow, this looks like a life changer, are you still feeling good? I am in the middle of changing doctors as fed up with all these niggly symptoms, and not needing a witches wig for Halloween this year, just my usual hairstyle now!! Have you noticed any changes now? Looking to follow you on your purchase. x

  • hi dramlouie,

    yes, it has changed my life, i was only on 75mcg levo before the NDT, so, i only take a total of one NDT per day, they're small -but i break out my cutting board and paring knife and do my best to cut them in half, it isnt always successful with each pill, but all that aside, my worst symptoms before the NDT was severe fatigue, debilitating! i could sleep for ten hours and still wake up exhausted - just slugging through life each day waiting to go back to bed, thats no way to live, but now, i only require half the sleep and i wake up - i mean WAKE UP in the morning, now, its the best parts of my day, this is living, this is how the rest of the world wakes up and we deserve to start our day with the same level playing field when our feet hit the floor each morning.

    i dont take the levo anymore, i was afraid at first, like taking the training wheels off the bike - you know you have to, but your unsure.

    i feel no need to increase my dose at the moment, although some keep increasing every 2 or 4 weeks, but for me, i take my meds like i cook, i use all the same ingredients but i can eyeball instead of break out the measuring spoons and scale to get an exact measurement.

    of course i would love to shed a few pounds but not at the cost of over medicating. and to be honest, im not good with all the numbers on the lab tests, with conversions and whatnot, i get the gist of it, and i am happy on my one dose split in half twice a day. i read that you can take it with or without food anytime of day, although if taken too close to bedtime might not be able to fall alseep, thats what the klonopin or other sleep aids are for. sorry to go on and on, but i really want others who have our condition to take control of their life and stop putting all their faith in doctors that dont listen to our symptoms and balk at our suggesting something they refuse to even entertain. i did it their way too long and now im doing what my body is telling me to do.

    i hope something ive shared helps you at all, feel free to ask me anything. good luck to you. just finding this site for me was like a weight being lifted, reading all the others with my same story, they get me, they support me and they are here for my questions. i love this community.

    please let us know how your doing if you decide to start taking the NDT.

    i hope you have great results!!!

  • Do these thiroyd pill work

  • yes, they work for me, I'm now on two a day, about 10-12 hours apart, each pill being 60mg, I've not once, gone back to levothyroxine, but when it comes to thyroid illness, everyone is different, which is why it never made sense to me that EVERY single thyroid patient - weather hypo or hyper, take the EXACT same medicine. anyway, i buy my NDT from Thailand as its legal for them to sell it overseas without a prescription. Can you find a doctor to prescribe it? yes, but that same doctor - before he can write the script, is forced to perform ridiculous lab tests and will also charge a consult fee, and for me, as a single income household, id rather skip all the crazy expenses designed to discourage us from taking it and buy a bottle with 1000 tablets from Thailand which will last about 3 years. My NDT is exactly the same dose as Armour since i have both currently.

  • thank u

  • Im taking thiryod and im thinking i may need 2 grains a day. Im on 1 1/2 grain and need to wait a bit before upping my dose. Just curious how did u feel when u knew w grains was the right dose for u?

    Im still tired and have memory fog and aches and all that jazz.

  • as far as the messy hair and flying on my broomstick, we all need our inner witch once in awhile. im all for it

  • Hi Kathy I am thinking of buying thiroyd , are you still doing good on it and which web site do you buy them from . Thanks Brenda

  • I've just bought .. do would like to know too

  • Hi Kathy,

    I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I was wondering how you got on with the Thiroyd ndt in the end? And if you would be willing to pm me the supplier details?

    Thanks so much,

    Hayley x

  • hi, yes, im still on NDT only meds, and I am so much better - thank you, ill PM you with a source

  • Kathy My Lovely, SO glad it's all working for you. What a relief!

    If you were also able to share your supplier's details with me I would be really thankful: I found what looked like a good thai website only to see that the last review was from a few years ago.

    Massively struggling here and desperate for any helpful info - especially with the the kids at home over the summer holidays coming up!

    Thanks so much :-)

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