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final weight announcement !!!!!!!

BEAKING NEWS ::::: the final weight for the ali-can collection has now been done and the total weight is ----202kgs --- luckily I found someone that is paying 50p per kg [ and not the 25p offered everywhere else ] --- the result of the winner will be notified by louise and the crisp notes will no doubt be winging there way to the lucky supporter as soon as possible ........ i have also decided to give an extra prize for the person that guesstimated just 9kgs over [ this will be sent direct to louise together with the cheque from the scrappy so if you are either of the people that are in the winning circle well done and enjoy your winnings . I would also like to thank all that took part in this for the betterment of this OUR site .......alan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Congratulations to the lucky winners :-D

Thanks for doing this, Alan. I had no idea ali cans were so heavy :o My last guess wasn't too far off the weight, but not close enough.


they are WHEN YOU HAVE ENOUGH OF THEM ........ [ I reckon there was well into 5 figures of cans ] least someone will have a happy week with their prize[s] ......alan xxx

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