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Latest results, now what?

Here are my results with ranges.

Zrt lab 08/14/2015 7.30 am

Thyroglobulin 37.4 ng/ml(3-40, optimal 3-10)

TT4 4.8 yg/dL (5-10.8) flagged low

FT4 1.2 ng/dL (0.7-2.5)

FT3 3.2 pg/mL (2.5-6.5)

TSH 1.0 yU/mL (0.5-3.0)

Tpoab 20 IU/mL (0-150)

Iodine 34 yg/g Cr (100-1100) flagged low

Selenium 46 yg/g Cr (27-175)

Creatinine 0.8 mg/mL (0.3-3.0)

Arsenic and bromine on lower end of range, not reason for low iodine.

So. I am confused. Here are my other results from last year.

Test on Jan 2015 ( normal lab, test taken 8.30)

TSH 2.2 mU/l ( 0.3-4.5)

FT4 17 pmol/l (10-21)

FT3 5.9 pmol/l (3.5-6.5)

Zrt test 10/21/2014 07.15 am

Thyroglobulin 130.4 (3-40, 3-10 optimal) flagged high

TT4 6 (5-10.8)

FT4 1.6 (0.7-2.5)

FT3 3.0 (2.5-6.5)

TSH 1.8 (0.5-3.0)

Tpoab 29 (0-150)

Iodine 17.43 (100-1100) flagged low

Selenium 32.11 (27-175)

I don't know what to do now :( I cannot take more iodine it makes me so short of breath. I have tried to build up slowly from last november but I always end up gasping air even after small walk.

On the note from lab they recommend medication or increasing dosage if on medication, same note last year.

Sounds bad but I was hoping worse results. My neck is so tight and stiff and food gets stuck. Even tiny pieces of minced meat.

What do I do next? Give up?

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Justiina, if you went gluten-free after Oct 14 that is the likely reason your antibodies have reduced. TSH 1.0 is very good, but FT4 and FT3 are low, less than half way through range.

TSH 2.2 is usually an indication of struggling thyroid but FT4 and FT3 were very good in Oct.

It's likely iodine deficiency causing FT4 and FT3 to be low. Have you tried different forms of iodine supplements?


I have been on diet for six years now, no gluten, dairy, corn or rice as I react to all of them. So was gluten free before Oct 14.

I was on low dose iodine (50mcg) as i introduced tonns of new stuff for my body thst time and reacted to everything ,from Oct 14 to my labs on Jan. Then increased to 150mcg and then upto 350 mcg and ended up ill end of June. Then had to take a break and then been taking iodine here and there 50mcg/day.

On the note from lab they did not consider me being chronically deficient as TSH remains low. As the 24 hr test only measures how much iodine I have taken during past few days.

I have not tried other forms ,only potassium iodine.

Maybe I have caused myself iodine deficiency during the years as I fell ill 2000 with nausea. Continued rapid weight loss, nausea and weakness. Nothing found, only TSH tested twice on 2003 1.8 and 1.9 range 0.9-3.5.

Lowest I have weighed 47 kg I am 166 cm. I managed to put up weight finally two years ago upto 60 but this spring starting iodine and b12 lost 3 kg first and then 4,5 kg ending up weighing 52.5 without changing my diet or eating less. Cannot even exercise.

Have not had appetite since 2000. Forcing myself to eat most of the time. Iodine made me constantly "hungry" feeling empty all the with stomach pain. So was not keen to try more iodine as the side effects was annoying.

Not sure if I try again. Fed up with this.


Justiina, how about trying Lugol's solution? Easier to titrate dose using drops, perhaps


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