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To Clutter

I have my thyroid panel broken out. See if you can take a look and let me know what you think. I have a GP appointment tomorrow.

TSH. 8.35. Ref. range. O.40-4.50

T3. 31. ". 22-35 %

T4. 8.1. ". 4.5-12.0 (mcg/dl)

Free T4 2.5. ". 1.4-3.8


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Seems to me your pituarity is pushing out TSH trying to kick a failing thyroid

Your t4 is low but for now your t3 is fine

I doubt this will last and believe you need treatment for hypothyroid


Friskypaw, As I said in your previous post, TSH 8.35 is high and TSH 1.0 is generally comfortable. FT4 2.5 is less than halfway through range, >2.9 would be good. Dose increases are usually in 25mcg increments every 6-8 weeks. I think you will likely need one or two to optimise your levels.

I don't understand Total T4 and I don't understand what the T3 is a percentage of.


Hello Friskypaw,

You feel so unwell because not only is your poor body still adjusting to new thyroid meds but you are still UNDER medicated.

Your doctor should give you another dose increase tomorrow which will help you long term but means yet more adjusting of your hormone levels. He has probably been cautious with meds whilst considering your age.

Until you are optimally medicated and your hormone levels are balanced can feel just ghastly. Every symptom you mentioned in your last post could be related to your thyroid.

It took me about 6 months for my body to really accept the thyroid meds and start functioning as it should. Unfortunately there is no quick fix as the body will only accept small increments at a time.

Good luck tomorrow.



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