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How much do doctors really know?

I am currently starting fertility tests and was told to start taking folic acid. I am already taking vitamin d and calcium so I phoned my doctor asking her about it as I have to time everything I take and I can't take vitamins at the same time as thyroxine because it stops my body absorbing it. She said she didn't know what I meant as thyroxine doesn't interact with anything!

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Hbkaneonite, How is there a problem timing in vitD, folic acid and calcium? Take folic acid 2 hours away from Levothyroxine, and vitD and calcium 4 hours away. Unless there is anything on the calcium and folic acid patient information leaflets to say otherwise, you can take the supplements together with food. Consult your pharmacist if you have concerns about medication and supplement interactions.

The manufacturers should ensure relevant information is on their patient information leaflets. I'd like to see "take before breakfast" expanded to "take 30-60 minutes before breakfast" for clarity. GPs can't be expected to have more information than the manufacturer provides. Binding with food/meds will reduce absorption and uptake but isn't an interaction per se.


The leaflet says leave 4 hours between vitamin and thyroxine not 2. I take vitamin d twice a day. If i take folic acid as well then it's going to have to fitted in between them somehow


Hbkaneonite, why can't you take folic acid with one of the vitD doses?


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