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Hi need help for friend x

I have a question for a transfer Atlantic friend with hyper who has not treated her problems due to not being able to get insurance. She's not medicated and I'm worried about her. Can she add to this group and how I know it says uk etc. Also can people tell her what med's she should be taking. Also could I have the link for the place who do private blood screenings so I can let her know ty in advance x

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Razzar, Non-UK members are very welcome to join TUK and the forum. I don't think the private blood tests links will be useful for members outside of the UK.

There are labs in the USA where private blood tests can be ordered. Hyperthyroidism is treated with anti-thyroid prescripton only drugs. Methimazole (also known as Tapazole or Thiamazole or MMI) is usually prescribed in the USA.


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