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Henning Tablets

Hi Folks

My apologies as i feel this is rather a dumb question but why are the Henning Thyroxine tablets so big compared to the other generic ones in the U.K

Also i think i came across this on here but my memory fails me, is it okay to take vit c at the same time as your thyroxine i heard that it can aid absorption.

If i dont reply straight away to any answers my apologies but i dont have a computer at the moment, so am using the one at the local library.

Thanks everyone


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Hi donni,

I don't take Henning Thyroxine so can't comment but I expect others will.

ThyroidUK state to take supps 2 hours away from thyroid meds. However I take Vit C with my thyroid meds every am because I believe it to aid absorbtion too.

Dr J Wilson of "Adrenal Fatigue - The 21st Century Stress Syndrome" advocates this and has incorporated Vit C into many of his adrenal // thyroid supplements along with Vit E, selenium, zinc and many others known for their absorbtion enhancing qualities.

I have had previous bad gut issues but now thyroid meds...(..when I get the dose right!!..).. appear to be working better than ever before.



I do take Henning and, yes, they are larger than many. But they still are not that big! That is, smaller than a standard paracetamol or aspirin.

The tablets are exactly the same size regardless of dosage.

At 100 micrograms, I think Aliud are larger.

I really don't think it makes any real difference how large the tablets are, unless the excipients are a problem.


Thanks everyone for your replies

Donni x


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