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Any ideas please

Hi everyone, ive posted on here before & got lots of advise & help so hoping you may have some ideas. Ive been having some real bad hot sweats, but on Monday i had severe pain in my lower tummy to the left & the upper part of my tummy all across. The pain also was in my lower back and ran down my leg. It became that bad i passed out & ended up going to A&E. They tested my blood & it showed i had an infection, they couldnt tell me what infection but the nurse did say it may be my Thyroid. The pain has since subsided but i feel so tired, still having the hot fever & waking up everyday with red eyes & a headache. My water was tested & it just showed a high ph which is strange as i try to be very healthy, drink plenty water, eat lots of fruit & have lemon water when taking my iron suppliments. Im at a loss at to what could be wrong. I currently take 125/150mg thyroxine on alternate days. I have b12 jabs every 3 months. I dont understand how they will be able to tell me what infection i may have from my blood, so how can i get better !

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Benjamin1, blood tests may show elevated ESR and CRP which indicate inflammation from infection in the body. High PH means urine is acidic which may be due to a urinary tract infection


Thanks Clutter. I do have a pouch attached to my uretha which can give me frequent water infections but the hospital seemed to think my water was fine apart from a high ph ! I was just wondering if i was under treated for my thyroid would it give me the symptoms i am currently having ie: red eyes, headaches, tiredness & high temperature ?


Benjamin, if you can post your recent thyroid results with ranges we can soon tell whether you are undermedicated.

Undermedication is likely to cause low temperature. Your symptoms sound like you have an infection.


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