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Well well with have educated one dr

I say we because nearly everything I said to her I learnt with the help of the wonderful people on this forum I had a request to go and see my GP to discuss letter from neuro

My graves is in remission but I still have chronic burning in hands and feet insomnia and I keep tripping my b12 is 248

Been seeing this neuro privatly and basically he told me I can't be b12 deficient with that high b12 he wanted me to be referred to another private neuro who specilises in sock and glove neuropathy my GP asked if that was what I wanted

I explained my b12 theory and she said the same as neuro but I explained as per pa UK that it was to do with absorb action and I needed a mma test she googled it when I was in office as she said she had never heard of mma test well she was fascinated and has ordered a test she also after reading about neuropathy problems she would consider trialing a course of b12 I nearly feel off chair she couldn't understand why neuro had not done a Mri and between us we agreed to try to sought it my self she gave me another blood form for tsh and asked if I wanted anything else tested I asked for folate and full blood count

I no my bit d is fine but was so unprepared couldn't think of any thing else to ask for

Any way she said call her if I have any concerns and we will see what bloods come back and take it from there

She said she was going to read pa page tonite

Is there anything else anyone can think of I should of asked her to check with my symptoms might

Big pat on back to us all

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Rush, certainly shows how doing your homework can pay dividends. Your GP sounds a bit special and doesn't just pay lip service to patient/doctor partnership. Neuro obviously hasn't kept up with guidelines on B12 deficiency and symptoms.

With low B12 it can be a good idea to have intrinsic factor and anti-parietal cells tested to rule out pernicious anaemia. You didn't mention ferritin, FT4 or FT3.


Your right my Dr and I got off to a shaky start especially a year ago when she kept saying I had cystitis but with knowledge I have gain I she seems pleased that I'm trying to help myself

And she seems a bit frustrated with the specialist she has sent me to don't blame her they copy me in on letters to surgery and most just parrot back to her the symptoms and blood result test she send with referral

On blood request she has requested thyroid panel and has put graves next to it so hopefully they will do it full

I forgot ferritin but she has asked for a full blood count maybe they will do it with that

Do you know much about calcium could that be causing symptoms I have


Rush, ferritin isn't included in FBC. Calcium is part of Urea and Eloctrolytes test. U&E may be included in the FBC.

Symptoms of low and high calcium:

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Thanks clutter that a new one for me it seems low calcium can cause burning hands and feet I will see how the other bloods come. Back but if the more common ones come back ok I will have to look elsewhere


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