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T3 without prescription?

Hi everyone.. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a supplier of T3 without prescription by PM. I'm having an awful time on Levo.. have put on over half a stone in less than 3 weeks. Given that I was mildly hypo (but with positive antibodies) I'm sure this is down to the Levo.. Its not helping any other symptoms either.

Any help gratefully received.

Thanks x

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I hope you've had some replies via PM, Tegs.


I've had a couple thanks Clutter. Not sure if I'll take that route yet, but its good to have options.

While I'm here, can I just thank you for all of your brilliant advice.. I genuinely think I'd still be scrabbling about in the dark were it not for you, the other regular posters and this amazing resource. To have a direction and people who understand is just brilliant. So thank you.



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