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Thyroid hormone conversions

I used to take Levothyroxine and was on 100mcg a day, but felt pants on it so approx 5 mths ago I swapped to NDT. I did have a few downs and ups but am on 2 1/2 grains at the mo. It's still very much early days for me, but I still don't know if NDT is the right course for me and I like the idea of the Levo/T3 route purely as you can alter the doses separately. Any change won't be for 4 - 6 weeks, as I'm just getting over a hyper stage and through some sensible advice from Clutter (thank you :D) I'm getting my dose sorted finally ;)

My question is If I decide to revert back to Levo and opt for T3 to go with it, what starter dose would I need, and what end dose should I aim for? And how often and in what size dose would I increase? Also would I simply go straight back onto 100mcg Levo or would it be sensible to start on a lower dose and build up. Although I don't really want to have to start over, on a low dose of Levo really as the thought of getting all my hypo symptoms back is not something I want :/

I've been hypo 15 years, but recently been diagnosed Hashi's through a private blood test ... glad I did that one lol

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Jan, I've just PMd you. 2.5 grains is equivalent to 100mcg T4 and 20mcg T3 in round numbers. There's no need to titrate dose, you can switch straight over.

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awesome thanks Clutter :D


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