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any advice would be much appreciated :)

about 5 months ago a lump come up in the front of my neck where my thyroid gland is i kept putting of going to the doctors because i was frightened of what it may be, anyway last week i had a ultrasound scan done on it the doctor said it looked like a mass of tissue ( nodules i think is what he said ) he said he didnt think it was anything to serious although i needed to have a sample taken of it to be sent to the lab to be sure, so i had that done when i phoned for results i was told the sample taken wasnt very good but nothing came up when it was tested so have to go back and have another one done just to sure its nothing serious, just wondering if anyone else has had something similar or any idea on what it could be, i am 21 so obviously worried about it. thanks x

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Mols94, nodules over 1 or 2cm are routinely tested by fine needle aspiration to rule out possible malignancy. 95% of nodules are benign so try not to worry unduly. It can be difficult to obtain a good sample for testing and it's not uncommon to have the FNA repeated. Hopefully you will get a Thy2 result which is benign.


Thank you! I do hope it's nothing an just an inconvenience x


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