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Update you have to laugh

Well I went back to the doctors armed with my thyroid blood results Tsh ft4 ft3 and TPOAB also 4 references to information supporting treatment for Thyroid hashimotos with within range blood results.the doctor was lovely and spent over 30 minutes with me but I came away with nothing went like this.I put my case for a trial of ndt or leverthyroxin but the doctor hadn't heard of ndt until he realized it's armour and didn't think the practice would prescribe it.I gave reasons for preferring the ndt and quoted the following it has to be used with caution in the elderly im 64 anyone with hypertension an anyone with graves or who had graves.I was told that I might not have hashimotos just because my antibodies are raised they could be raised from the graves and my bloods don't support under active thyroid.I reminded him that the symptoms do support this and I didn't see why I should suffer and my health deteriorate until the lab results proved what I know.and that it would save the nhs money to be proactive in my treatment and treat the cause of my health problems i.e. hypertension etc. he said that there where physcal constraints on the nhs but I could go private.I asked if I self medicated with ndt would the practice support me with monitoring ,blood tests etc.he do not know and will have to check with the other doctors.I'm wondering could my TPO about still be raised from graves from 20 years + ago

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Pet-Lamb, I think you've double posted. There are replies on the thread you posted this morning.


Oops sorry


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