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High iron found in blood..... I'm only 25

I had a baby almost 6 months ago. The week before I had him I had my iron checked and it was 9.8

Since having him Iv felt tired (as you do) then my leg hair stopped growing back in. Then my sex drive vanished! I began having food cravings and gaining weight. My mum told me it's how she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism so I went off to see the GP and said said ok let's run some tests. 2 weeks later I had my tests done but by this time things have got worse. I thought I was getting arthritis in my first two fingers. The tiredness was much worse. And now my period started early...... Which is odd because I'm on the pill and had a fair few pills left so I stopped taking it when the spotting began. But that was 3 days ago and the spotting has stopped and there has been no blood at all. My blood results came back and all they told me is my iron is too high and I'm supposed to see my GP tomorrow to discuss this and I asked about my thyroid but they wouldn't tell me on the phone! But with things getting worse since I seen my GP and then missing my period over the weekend and the worry I'm going through not knowing. I feel I should perhaps call today and get an emergency app and tell them my new symptoms? How can things go down hill so fast? I thought things like this took years to come out properly not less than 6 months

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I am sorry you are having problems at present many new mothers become hypothyroid for the first time after pregnancy. The thyroid gland is one of the main glands and it drives our whole metabolism, can cause infertility/period problems etc.

You could phone the surgery and ask your doctor to phone you, to clarify that the blood tests you had taken indicate you are hypothyroid and he can give you a prescription for levothyroxine.

Go to the date September 11, 2004 on the following link:

From now on always get a print-out of your blood test results, with the ranges for your own records and so that you can post them if you have a query.

When you go for a blood test for your thyroid gland, have the earliest possible, fast and don't take levothyroxine for around 24 hours - take it after test. Levo should be taken first thing with a glass of water and wait for around 1 hour before eating as food can interfere with the uptake of the hormones.


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