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just an excerpt from an .M.E./lyme site regarding thyroid

Its quite possible that those who are chronically infected with Borreliosis/Lyme also have collateral conditions which may give additional symptoms.

• Evidence has shown that the hypothalamic-pituitary link is malfunctioning causing pituitary suppression. Pituitary and endocrine abnormalities could be quite common.

• It is possible that the cellular hormone receptors may be blocked. For example thyroid receptors could be blocked resulting in symptoms of subclinical hypothyroidism. This implies that blood testing may not pick up the hypothyroidism as there will be more thyroid hormone in the blood and less in the cells due to the receptor blockade.

• Magnesium deficiency is also often present which can give rise to several symptoms.

• Deficiency in vitamin B12 could also be present.

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Thanks for the post. I am assuming that some people may be unaware that the root cause of their hypothyroidism might be undiagnosed lyme disease?


Thanks for this, very helpful info.


Hi I've been reading your posts very interesting. I live in Northern Ireland i am looking to see an endo ive hashi an have been in tyroxine 5 years but the padt 7 months I've became Realy unwell can't seem to make any improvement at all . Can you recommend someone . Thanks for any info I'm slowly becoming insane with all of this tyroid c...


im in England, all I can say is google your symptons, if you think yu hav elyme lyme disease action charity very very helpful.

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