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Dared to ask

I finally plucked up the courage to ask for a print out of my blood results thanks to you kind people,I did what was suggested and said it was because I joined this site and you were all helping me with trying to understand all about it,lucky I got the nicer secretary as one of them is horrid but that's another story,and she said she would do it for me in the next couple of days ,so I will post them so you can help me please .

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Well done Susan, I don't think any of us every imagined we would have to read and learn in order to try to feel well once diagnosed with hypothyroidism or hashi's etc.

It can be a struggle at times but with support and help we can find a way through the maze. Of course, the best is a helpful and supportive GP and hopefully you have one that will listen to you.


It is very daunting to ask for blood test results from surgeries, doctors and receptionists. But, from personal experience, I can definitely say it gets easier with practice.

I now do as much as I can by post or by phone, which I find easier.

If I write a letter I don't put it in the post, I deliver it by hand. And I state on both the envelope and the letter "Delivered by hand", so they can't tell me it has been lost in the post.

If I phone I make sure that I call at a time of day when I think the receptionists are less likely to be busy. I think it helps to keep them in the best possible temper!

My doctor is now so used to me asking for copies of things that she will sometimes ask if I want copies or will just print them out without asking.

Another thing I've learned is not to expect instant results if I ask the receptionists for something. I know they always have to check with the doctor, so I don't get annoyed or irritable if I have to come back the next day or in two days time. Anything to keep them sweet... I don't want to get a reputation for being demanding or obnoxious.

Once you have your results copy them into a new question, including the reference ranges, and hopefully people will be able to help you.

Good luck.


Thank you that's good advice I will post them when I get them ,thyroxine medication scares me to death ,I have a massive phobia about tablets and now as this is the first day I've dared to reduce levothyroxine by 25 mg after 21/2 years of feeling I'm coping with my original dose,I feel so tired but I'm absolutely sure it's all in my head as so many of my problems are ,my doctor thinks because I went to him in tears with a real bad dose of anxiety which has happened around my monthly and now six monthly period since I was in my 20s that has been well over half my life ,that it might be something to do with thyroid med ,fair enough,he is going by my blood test ,but how high is it !well I guess I'm about to find out in a couple of days when I get a copy of my latest blood test and you people who know how it's all worked out will be able to advise me once again can't thank you enough for all your help


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