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Thyroid hormones and magnesium

Hello again I'm hopeful that someone can give me some advice please.last week I had bloods taken for magnesium and tpo ab antibodies, I haven't collected my print out of the results yet I was waiting for Friday thinking it should take about 2weeks for the antibodies test results to come.but Today I got a letter from the Dr asking me to phone them to arrange a telephone consultation with my gp. The magnesium test was taken because of palpitations I was told I had a rare and unusual conditions but it was not dangerous this was after a 24 hour tape done.

What I need to know is this, what is a normal healthy magnesium legal and as I have graves disease anyway (no treatment for over 20 years) and my thyroid going under active now. what kind of antibodies levels should I expect and is it better for the levels of both or either tests to be near the bottom of the range or higher.thank you all for any help you can give me.

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Pet-Lamb, magnesium should be within range, I don't know whether there is an optimal level within range but the range is very narrow, so probably not. It's better when thyroid antibodies are low. Below range indicates negative for autoimmune thyroid disease tested and above ranges indicates positive.


Thanks clutter I just need to be informed before I had to talk to the Dr.


Magnesium is mostly in the cells and not in the blood I have read. So difficult to test accurately. It is also safe to assume everybody seems deficient in magnesium.

Dr Sircus has a good website about magnesium - you can ignore the fact he is selling items if you find it annoying....


Marx: what is Dr Sircus web address? I think I have magnesium issues too. Trying to read up on the topic.


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