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NDT and levothyroxine

Does anyone take levothyroxine and NDT to help get the correct balance as I am on NDT but still feel sometimes I am slightly over medicated ,if I drop slightly my NDT then I am too ill .I am taking the NDT in divided dose ,one grain at 6 o'clock in morning and 1/2 grain around 11oclock in morning ,every third day I take 3/4 grain instead of the 1/2 grain as too ill on just 1 1/2 grains . TSH is 0.02 and T4 12.4 .

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Hello Maggiemay12,

Sorry no one has answered your post.

I don't take NDT so really can't advise but wondered if the following link is helpful:

You can always just repost the question.



MaggieMay12, I find that the ideal dose of NDT can vary for some of us. I am on one and a half grains at present, 1 first thing in the morning, and the half grain at 4:00 in the afternoon.

The problem is that if we have another condition such as a shortage of B12, that can cause us to feel more ill one day than another, and we naturally blame that on the thyroid.

I have found since I switched from ERFA to Thiroid that I don't feel the need to alter my dose.

My NHS endo wanted me to take thyroxine as well as the NDT, but only to make the blood tests look better. I'm afraid that I couldn't be bothered, and he has not mentioned it since.


I have just started NDT and working up to my optimal dose but not an expert! I started off with half a grain morning and afternoon having stopped Levo the day before. Did you do that or cut down on Levo as you introduced NDT? Either are recommended. After 5 weeks I am taking 2 grains, one morning and one afternoon and I feel good but I am still wondering when to take my second dose and it doesn't help that I forget sometimes till later in the day. I'm just wondering if maybe you are taking your split doses too close together. I felt I needed to do that when I was on a lower dose as I was still sleeping early afternoon but as I've slowly increased that's improved and I've been able to take my second dose later and been more balanced.

As I say I am only learning myself but that's what I have found.


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