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NDP from outside of the UK

HI I have ordered Nature Thyroid from the USA simply as I am out of work and I cannot afford to see a Private GP. I usually get Armour but due to the doubling of the cost I have ordered Nature Thyoid. I have developed an irruption when combine with NHS t4 I usually use Belgium T4 lucky I have enough to get me by for a year. I am ok with Armour but its twice the price.

To kicjk you when your down, My GP and local Pharmacy are not interested. there is a hypo t4 available from Matindales.

Now to make matters even worse, MY order from the USA was sent last Friday Night, it reached the UK on Sunday night, and the customs and Post office have finally contacted me today Friday to pay duty and Vat The Vat is 10 GBP and the fee for collecting the duty is 13GBP. If I want this parcel on a Saturday then I have to pay 12GBP extra so I have opted for a monday delivery.

Considering I paid a priority mail in the uSA i have completely wasted my money and would be better off just paying local postage.

If any body who buys NDP over seas please message me off the board.


John c

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Stockman, anything costing over £15 from outside of the EU will attract VAT on the purchase price + p&p if assessed for HMRC duty. The carrier pays the duty to HMRC on your behalf and charges the admin fee for the 'service'. I think RM's admin fee is £8 which is slightly more palatable than other carriers.


I'm afraid that's how it works. The duty and VAT should always be payable but is only applied if the package is handled going through Customs. Every now and again, the package will get through without VAT and Customs duty being applied. From experience, I've found that the smaller the parcel, the less likely it is to get stopped. Buying one tub rather than three results in a much smaller package. But the risk of it getting stopped means that I don't use priority mail - it comes pretty quickly anyway, it's the Customs part that can cause delay.

Can't you collect your parcel? Mine is kept at a local Post Office which is open until 2pm on a Saturday. There's no fee for collection.


Totally agree with you Jazzw. Mine came last week (one tub) so got through without customs charge. Previously I purchased two tubs at a time and always paid the VAT and handling fee. Shipping is usually within a few days on standard international airmail so I've never bothered with priority mail - sometimes delivery is quicker than orders from Amazon marketplace sellers that I've ordered the same day!!


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