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Have you got a burning question you would like the answer(s) to?

Thyroid UK is looking for some Poll suggestions.

There are a few things to bear in mind......

1) The question needs to be fairly short - we only have 140 characters to work with and anything over 100 starts to look very silly on the homepage.

2) You can only have 8 answer options - and it is usual to leave one of these for 'other, please comment'.

3) You can have questions which allow people to provide multiple answers ie which of these symptoms did you have? Alternatively, you can only allow ONE answer ie which of these symptoms did you find the worst?

4) We MAY have already run a poll which covers your question. Why not have a look: healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

5) It doesn't HAVE to be thyroid or even health related, but PLEASE avoid anything religious and/or political.

So, have at it! :)



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  • When were you diagnosed with B12 Deficiency - Before your Thyroid diagnosis ? - Still not diagnosed ? - Was your result above 500 ? - After your Thyroid diagnosis ? - Only when you were not improving on Thyroid medication ? - Were you told 'Normal ' by your GP ? - Other

    I personally think the whole world is B12 deficient - had my jab today in Xania. Walked into a chemist I had never been in before ! There was a very handsome young man behind the counter - The Pharmacist ! - and he gave me my injection in the back of the shop ! Am so grateful that Greeks have little body awareness ! Perfect - and it didn't hurt one tiny bit ! I then went off to the Dentist where I had to have another injection for a filling. I bought 3 B12 phials and three syringes for around 3 euro :-)

    The joy of living in Crete ! :-)

  • Thanks Marz xx

  • One on symptoms please. Which seven symptoms were most acute before you were diagnosed. Which of these symptoms did you have. Should include below range GFR, which doesn't seem to come up on many symptom lists. Also low sodium and high potassium. Skin pinch probs. Scalloped tongue. Romberg's sign. Needs space for comment. The aim being to ID the symptoms of hypo, and even the different hypo groups. Because I think those with underlying autoimmune gastritis will present with different symptoms from those with underlying Addison's. And I can't find any research trying to disentangle that. So you'd have to give space to say what additional diagnoses were eventually reached.

    This is important because they're so fixated on TSH.

    Am beginning to feel this is like the Votes for Women campaign, and you probably need an extreme activist wing chained to railings to achieve change.

  • Thanks

    This sounds a little complicated for the poll system - bless it, it's very simple! ;)

    This might do better just as a thread so that people can supply enough info.



  • Don't think it would work as a thread. No matter.

  • This is going to be totally subjective as a poll i.e. based on a member's own opinion, belief and using hindsight. It is intended to be open to members who are diagnosed by doctor, self-diagnosed, undiagnosed, treated or untreated, and applicable to any kind of thyroid problem at all :

    With hindsight, how long was it between getting your first thyroid-related symptoms and realising you definitely had a thyroid problem?

    1) I'm still not convinced I have a thyroid problem

    2) Less than 1 year

    3) Between 1 and 5 years

    4) Between 5 and 10 years

    5) Between 10 and 20 years

    6) Between 20 and 30 years

    7) Between 30 and 50 years

    8) Over 50 years

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  • If you have been diagnosed as having Thyroid Disease and take Levothyroxine only for this .What do you feel is your quality of life.


    2 Good

    3 Quite good

    4 Poor

    5 No quality of life at all

    6 Other

  • I'm pretty sluggish, migraines, feverish and nauseous

  • Hi Denise

    This is a thread asking for suggestions for polls. If you want to talk about your own thyroid health I would suggest starting a new thread.



  • Hello

    Been taking Levothyoxine for around 3 years and my condition is getting worse not better. I had initially a good response and felt more able to do things and lost weight but I don't even know what my levels are supposed to be. My GP just says they are a little high but nothing to worry about.

    Please, what else can I do? Double the medication or buy online?


  • Hi David,

    You have asked your question in the middle of a thread asking for poll suggestions. If you look top right of the screen you will see the option to "Write a post". Click on that and you can then create a new thread for your question where you will get answers tailored specifically to you.

    Hope that helps. :)

  • Thanks HB xx

  • Hi Lancie, I started getting T3 from Crete, friend lives there, and go regularly. My life is nearly normal now. Get them to check Free T3 and T4, this saying that your TSH level is ok, this does not indicate that you are converting T4 to T3, which is basically the energy going into your cells for use. Endos will not prescribe it in general, certainly not here in Newcastle. I think that they only make money from T4 levo etc, and not T3 tablets, they only cost 1.16 euros, for a pack of 30 tablets x 25 mcg, not a lot to pay for your health back.

    My Free T3 level was under the lowest level 3.7, range is 4-8.3. Proof of the pudding lol!! Good luck, coz you will need it here in the UK.

  • Hi Louise,

    I have often wondered about the leaky gut connection ie allowing antibodies into the blood stream which attack the thyroid, so my poll would be to ask those with thyroid problems

    a. Have you ever been on long term or successive courses of NSAIDS?

    b. Have you ever been on long term or successive courses of Antibiotics?

    And if yes to either how long before thyroid symptoms appeared was this?

    Many thanks


  • Thanks


  • Hi Louise,

    This crossed my mind when Hubby who has a very low within rangeFT4 and a high cholesterol level of 8 and was given a prescription for STATINS. :O

    (So far he has not collected them from the chemist shop. )

    Statins can have an inverse effect on Hypothyroidism, as in treat the low thyroid level and the high cholesterol level (hopefully,) should come back down. Though most Doctors don't seem to be aware of this for some reason.

    Also I read recently that before bloods were done the old Doctors back in time knew that a high Cholesterol level was a pointer to Hypothyroidism.

    Wondering how many TUK members or their Family members have managed to lower their Cholesterol levels by treating their thyroid with thyroid medication.

    Just a few quick thought out questions:-

    *Has anyone noticed their Cholesterol levels have fallen since medicating.?

    *Wondering if there is any difference in the different types of thyroid medication

    (NDT/T3/T4) lowering Cholesterol levels.?

    *Were you prescribed Statins for Cholesterol.?

    *Did Doctors explain what side effects to look out for ?

    *How long have you been on Statins for.

    *Did you come off them yourself.

    *If so why ?

    *Do you think Statins are safe to take.

    *Any other side effects you have had that you think are linked to taking Statins ?


    Just a few ideas, but not really thought it out properly, but did not want to miss the opportunity to put pen to paper Louise. ;)

  • Thanks!


  • After blood tests your Free T3 shows that you are not converting T4 to T3, why will they not prescribe T3 or NDT. Is this the grand plan to keep us all sick and make more money from prescriptions. T3 costs only 1.16 euros from the Greek pharmacies, 30 tablets of 25mcg, about one month's supply.

  • If you are taking NDT, which brand are you taking?

  • Thanks


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