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Iron Tablets?


For as long as I can remember I have suffred from Anemia......over the years I have been 'below the range' and therfore been given ferrous fumerate. Then had tests done again and OK......Then felt poorly and, you have guessed it....Anemia again. However, It is recently (through this wondeful website) that I have realized that I should 'maintain' my iron level......My doctor thinks otherwise......Are you all surprised???

I need to purchase ferrous fumerate......The problem is I am not sure WHAT to order in realtion to mg?? and where to buy it from ? How much iron do I need?? My level is still low (5.6) Range = 4.8 - 18. ***I take NDT, B12 (injections), Q10 and recently NAX (for adrenal support - from Dr P).

Please help?


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Gillandandy, Ferrous fumarate is available OTC in pharmacies, definitely Lloyds, and on Amazon. I think Boots might require a prescription. I think the dose is 210mg daily.

If you use Amazon for shopping please use the TUK affiliate link


This is an old post, but really quite interesting, about iron supplementation. Might be something useful in there.


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