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Pernicious Anaemia


I just visited an Endo at the hospital and was told all was fine with my blood test. However, I requested a copy and when I came to the end there was a note about pernicious anaemia.

The 'Intrinsic Factor-AK' result was a 'weak positive'.

Subsequent searches revealed that this is crucial for absorbing B12. I am coeliac and I have just learnt that this is a common connection.

I can find no results for B12 on the test.

The note also requested further investigation but was either overlooked or ignored by the Endo. Therefore, I brought up the issue with the doctor but she felt my other blood results were good so didn't feel I was affected by it.

I have also repeatedly reported tingling sensations in my hands, arms and lower legs as well as down part of my face. I've also experienced ongoing fatigue when my thyroid levels appeared within a good range. However, no investigation has taken place but these seem like B12 symptoms.

Does anyone have any suggestions for B12 supplements and any other advice which could be helpful?

Many thanks in advance :)

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Nadenud, You might want to seek advice on the HU PA Soc forum. Click on My Communities and +Browse communities and type PAS into the search function.

Hold off supplementing and get baseline B12 and folate tests to check levels and anti-parietal cell testing to establish a PA diagnosis. If you are B12 deficient you'll require loading injections until symptoms resolve and you will require 2-3 monthly lifelong B12 injections if you have PA.


Many thanks for your reply :)


Have a look at the piece on active B12 testing on the ThyroidUk site.


Thank you :)


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