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Body temperature help

I started taking ndt a week ago, and my body temperature went higher to around 36.2 , which is good , considering how low it was. But today it came down again.

Should I increase the ndt at this point?! I am only taking 1 grain so far.

I went to see a doctor a while ago, and he said to base my ndt with the temperature and pulse .

I am still trying to get the neck of it ...

Any help would be so welcome

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Susi1691, dose increases should be in half grain increments every 2 weeks until symptoms resolve or you are on 2 grains. Hold at 2 grains for 6-8 weeks and have a FT3 blood test before increasing further.

A high temperature and rapid pulse can indicate over medication. Low temperature is not a sign of undermedication. If temperature has been low for a long time it will take weeks/months to recover and in some cases never recovers.


When I was increasing my NDT in the early days I found my temp and pulse would increase for a few days and then drop back down until I was on a reasonable dose. I would just say don't be inclined to increase too quickly though as that can cause other problems. I was advised to increase every 10-14 days.


If you have periods , your temperature will fluctuate through your monthly cycle. Infections also affect it.


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