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Any thyroid specialist in N.Ireland

Does anyone know off a specialist in Northern Ireland that that understands nature thyroid and how the T3 will suppress the TSH . My NHS specialist had me drop my dose as TSH was 0.02 ,he isn't interested that my T4 is 12.4 .He says reducing will raise my TSH but i have tried and I was so ill I went back to my usual dose . I need a specialist that understand NDT and that my blood test are ok and will provide support for me. Does anyone use NDT and a small amount off levothyroxine maybe to raise TSH ,maybe this helps ,any advice please.

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Maggiemay, adding T4 to your NDT will lower your TSH, not raise it.

Email for a list of member recommended endos.


I thought that as TSH is higher on levothyroxine then it must be the T 4 that raises it .


Maggiemay, all thyroid replacement lowers TSH. The only way to raise TSH is to reduce dose. TSH 0.02 is suppressed due to the dose you are taking. My TSH has been undetectable to <0.01 for 3 years. There may be an increased risk of osteoporosis or atrial fibrillation with suppressed TSH so you have to weigh up the pros and cons of feeling well today versus possible future adverse health outcomes.


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