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I keep getting cystitus, I had acute cystitus, took antibiotics, didn't get rid, ended up in hospital. They said I has I had I flamatory arthritis. Tho my lower back and stomach were hurting, I had had a complete hysterectomy since I was 22. I thought more like adhesions. So last week I am in again, they found once more nitrites in my urine. My ruin was cloudy and starts to smell funny.i drink cranberry now and take the pills, they put me on antibiotics again. Do you guys suffer with this. He could not give me a straight answer. And it only have sex 2x s a month if I am lucky. I am really a c,ran person. Help girls help. I am a bit hyperthyroid my thyroid is suppressed but I feel fine other then the cystitus. He said maybe because I had a hysterectomy things are working differently, but I have had cystitis maybe 4 times in my life. He also said stress can bring it on. Have so much stress not funny. I have an appointment next week. Thanks x x

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You could try D-Mannose. I find it really works to stop the infections.

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Thank you so much. I am constantly on antibiotics


Just ordered some x x x x


It sounds to me you need to sort out your gut health, this is a priority for many conditions. Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride in her book Gut Psychology explains why, this can be obtained from Amazon. Apologies to people who have read this recommendation by me before but so many are unaware. Even in mainstream medicine the importance of good gut bacteria is beginning to seep in. The usual answer is a sticking plaster fix of antibiotics which in turn kill off good bacteria and you end up in a vicious circle. Healing the gut takes time but it is achievable by diet and probiotics. The Gaps diet is recommended, again if you google you will learn much. Best wishes



Thank you so much. I have thyroid disease and acute cystitus, the next week after the first course I have it again. They just do a half a$$ job diagnose when they don't really know. X x will look for the book cheers joyia x


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