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Update on Josie (my 20 yr old fur baby)

Good evening everyone,

Just wanted to thank everyone so much for all the helpful advice and wonderful support from my post sixteen days ago.

The fantastic news is Josie is doing really well. The advice and support has been priceless and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to reply and be as wonderful as you all where - As I result my beauful Josie is still here - I could see in this case the vet wasn't right about having her put to sleep and that using Homeopathic remedies has really paid off.

Josie sends lots of purrs to you all


Debs x

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Aw, KW, that's wonderful. Josie will let you know when she's had enough and you'll do the right thing for her when the time's right. In the meantime, every day's a lovely bonus for both of you.

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Thank you Clutter - we are both very happy with the outcome.

It proves little changes can make a big difference.


Fantastic news, Debs. I hope she hangs on for a many more days...or years!


Thank you Heloise - I am sure she will, now we have her pain relief sorted.

I am looking forward to celebrating her 21st Birthday (100 in human years) A nice large peice of fish for her from the chippy.


So very pleased to hear this Debs, long may Josie thrive.

Please give her a big hug from me :)

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Morning Framboise,

That book you recommened is brillant. I am so impressed with homeopathic remedies that I think I may try some for my pain. I did use them years ago but just forgot how good they were.

I have given her a big hug from you and she is purring.

Thank you x


Debs I'm so glad I had the book and could tell you about it, knowing Joise is happy and purring is just wonderful :) I haven't had much luck with homeopathic remedies for myself but the wonderful dog and cat we used to have were definitely helped by it. A friend of my mother's took Rhus Tox for arthritis and I have to admit I've never tried that, perhaps I should get some too.

Hugs to you both!


Bless you Tracy, Josie is having Rhus Tox for her Arthritis and also Arnicia : >

I will be trying some arnica tablets shortly because I will be having my wisdom tooth out, I am hoping it will prevent the bruising it may also help with my fibro pain.

My mum used Sepia which really helped her, I had tried benodonna and pulatila many years ago.

I might see if they do one for helping with sleep. worth a try.

Best wishes



Purrs back to the lovely Josie. I'm so pleased to hear she is doing so well. Thyroid advice - and pets too - who would have thought we could be so versatile 😸

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Hello fruitandnutcase,

She is doing so well, and is such a lovely girl, always been so happy.

A fantastic site, bursting with loads of brillant advice for all sorts of things.

who could ask for me : >

Much better than seeing a doctor


I'm so glad. You'll know when she's fed up with life, if ever.

My lad is also doing well after his "unfortunate experience" in the vet hospital" although he still hides when he sees a medicine bottle.


Oh bless him, they never forget either - smart little creatures.

I have stopped taking Josie to the vet for now, she was there too often and really hates it now.

Battle will commence when she does have to go again but for now just lots of peace, cuddles and food, oh and of course hours of sleep.


Oh, my heart is so very happy reading this today! Hooray!!!

Many hugs to you and many, many(!) purrs and headbutts to sweet Josie!! May you have many more happy and healthy years ahead!



Good morning Tracy,

Thank you very much, I am so happy with the outcome.

After all that it turns out that the new medication and the homeopathic remedies have been much better for her, than the acupuncture.

I am so glad the vet was wrong, Josie is back to her normal self : >


I've only just seen this!

This is so wonderful for both of you. Bless her little heart. Deep down an owner always knows their pet best :)


Thank you Spongecat, we are very happy : > purrs all round x


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