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Has anyone tried Mannatech glyconutrients?

I've been recommended to try Ambrotose more than once but there are so many 'miracle cures' and all so expensive, especially this one. It is supposed to make your cells function and communicate with each other better. Would love to know if anyone's tried it and it's helped their thyroid problems (though if it had worked as well as they say, these people would probably not still be on this forum!).

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Hi, I haven't tried this product or heard of it before. Out of interest who's been recommending it to you? From looking at the ingredients on the products website I can't see in an obvious way what is so special about this product in helping cells communicate with each other?

From my understanding of nutrition and biochemistry, I would go down the route of reducing/eliminating trans and hydrogentated fats and incorporating cold pressed organic omega 3, 6 & 9 oils into your diet. Every cell in our body has a fatty membrane that has to contain the 'good oils' to allow the cell to function properly, if we consume too many 'bad' oils/fats then these bad oils form part of the structure of the cell membranes and the cells aren't able to then function properly and the chemical messages don't go into or out of the cell properly or at all. Which can result in ill health.

We also need a good supply of amino acids in our diet and a good all round supply of vitamins and minerals. For our cells and neurotransmitters to function well.

So in a nutshell, my thought is to take:

a tablespoon of a good quality organic cold pressed omega 3, 6 & 9 oil per day,

along with adequate good quality organic protein (for amino acids supply)

and a good quality natural based multi vitamin and mineral (some are tailored for thyroid support). I've been told we have to wait 3 months to allow these supplements, more so the oils to start feeling any positive effect they may bring to the body.

Hope this helps. :-)


Thank you Hea72, very interesting, I'm no good with the biochemistry! Can you tell me which oil you use, I didn't realise you could get them with omega 3, 6 and 9 all in one, and I thought you had to take them in certain ratios ... and the numbers all get a bit much for me!

I think I was recommended the Manatech by someone at the holistic dental practice I go to: usually a good source of info. I carry a notebook around and scribble down recommendations but don't usually write who gave them!

And I've recently met again the lady who is the main UK distributor - I went to a talk at her house years ago, and she's still selling it, and still as enthusiastic about it. It cured her ME and she seems to be getting really good results.


Hi Dina7

Re the omega 3, 6, 9 oil, there are a couple I personally like:

Granovita Omega Oil Blend:

Groovy Foods Organic Cool Oil:

DO NOT cook with these, take them cold off the spoon or add to a salad dressing.

These contain vegetarian omega 3 which the body has to convert to EPA (the really useful part of omega 3 oil), whilst fish oil contains EPA (avoiding that need to convert), so it maybe worth making sure you get a good 2-3 portions of oily fish into your weekly diet too to get the EPA.

Of course for cells to function optimally we also have to be free of chemicals and toxic metals. Toxins can inhibit cellular function.So being savvy by using as natural as possible toiletries and cosmetics and cookware etc will also help support cellular function.

It looks like the ingredients in the Ambrotose supports digestive function from what I can fathom out? Of course our digestive system has to function optimally to allow absorption of all these nutrients and supplements we ingest, which in turn will affect cellular function. So as an alternative, perhaps try some good ole traditional organic aloe vera, I like Pukka's organic:

And some multi strain probiotics may be just as supportive of the digestive system as the Ambrotose? e.g. Higher Nature's Probio Intensive:

Both aloe vera and probiotics have strong supportive benefits for the digestive system. Helping reduce inflammation, improving the gut flora balance and immunity. The omega 3, 6, & 9 oil also has the potential to contribute to these benefits too.

As you see there are lots we can do to help ourselves without being caught up in the marketing around a certain product. Not saying the Ambrotose doesn't work. But if you're concerned about its efficacy and price, there are alternatives we can do ourselves to hopefully achieve potentially the same results.



The quote below makes me very sceptical:

Ambrotose is sold exclusively by multilevel marketing sales associates who, functioning as independent contractors, try to sign up customers to buy

the product and become sales associates themselves.

I'd be looking very carefully at anyone recommending it - are they going to make anything out of it?


Yes, certainly my contact is making a living out of it. But so are the places where I buy my supplements, and my thyroid meds.

I was told that there are dreadful reviews etc on the internet and that certainly seems to be the case, because Big Pharma is running scared and has had at least one go at putting them out of business. So that makes me think there must be something good about it.

I think it's harder for Big Pharma to get at them when they are all independent contractors, someone told me that about another product which sounded good but again was expensive and I didn't like the method for buying it.


dina, it sounds like a special patent is involved but if you can find a similar formula at, there are usually many reviews of any product and only from people who purchased the supplement. You could look at IP6. Not very expensive at all.

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The link to ABC I provided ends with this:

Editors Note: has received a notice from a representative from Mannatech, Inc. that some postings on this story's message board include unauthorized health claims for their products which they do not condone. The notice says the company does not make or support any claims which :

1. state or suggest that Mannatech products prevent, treat or cure disease;

2. state or suggest that Mannatech products are a substitute for a doctor's standard of care;

3. in any manner contradict Mannatech's existing policies or procedures. - The Editors

The very fact this UK distributor claims it cured her ME is a blatant breach of item 1.


Looks like a pyramid selling set up which are usually but not always suspect.

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My alternative practitioner recommended Viridian Phytonutrient Complex, again not cheap but I do believe it has helped me to regain my health after an adrenal crash, although I am taking other supplements as well. Viridian appear to be a bona fide company who make pure products.


Thank you all for your helpful comments. I like the idea of the oils, though not sure I could cope with cold off the spoon!

Viridian complex sounds very interesting, as I think it's minor adrenal crashes I keep having.

Not sure about the ABC note, sounds a bit like a sop to the FDA or whoever was after them. Who would take it if it does none of those things?! Although maybe ME isn't a disease ....


To help you along:

There is some pretty compelling evidence that it does work purely based on the institutions, organisations and governments that ARE taking what Mannatech does seriously.

And so what if it is a company selling products? Commerce isn't something we can avoid and if there are healthier alternatives out there opposed to pharmaceuticals, I am all for it.

And no, I am not an independent marketer of the products it sells, nor do I use them but I would like to. I am currently doing my own research to find out more about healthier options and so far, I have found that Mannatech makes the most sense to me at the moment.

I am not closed off entirely to the fact that they may have something worth listening to and trying. After all, there is no harm in trying it, is there?

Regardless of the route you take, I sincerely hope your thyroid condition is sorted out.



Thanks so much for that Tracee, really good info. I am going to try it, and will report back.


Hi Dina, a friend sent me a link with your question. I, like you, was diagnosed with thyroid problems by a private doctor. At the same time my son had different hormonal problems. My sister, a nutritional doctor, advised to give him ambrotose. To know more about it I did a course glycobiology and came to the conclusion it should help me as well. It took a little while but I can say that it did help me immensely. It did not cure me though. When I stop taking it symptoms de come back. But, at the moment , I lead a normal active life without symptoms. I actually feel much better then the many years leading up to the diagnosis. Hope this helps.


Yes, that does help a lot, thank you so much for letting me know your good news, I'm delighted to know it really does work. I was told that it's likely to take a few months before you feel the difference. Shame it doesn't seem to be a cure (how long have you been taking it?) , but never mind, anything just to feel better!


Hi Dina

My son was better after 2 months of taking it. Because I had seen the change in him I persevered and can say that after 5 months I was convinced it worked. Now after three years improvements keep continuing.

If you would like we can have a chat on the phone or otherwise one day?


Just read your question today. I've had thyroid problems. I say had as the last few years all my t cell counts have been normal. (I opened Mannatech to get info for someone else and saw your question). From a family of thyroid problems, I went onto the mannatech products after four years of using different programmes, natural products, supplements, different diets etc. with no improvement. Discontinued all medication, alternative products and extreme diets and Started using Mannatech and within the first six months had a remarkable improvement in the way I felt. After 9 months all tests were within the normal range and have remained within the normal range with no medication. I have not advocated to others to take this drastic action, (that is discontinuing all medication), but do feel that Mannatech do produce a superior nutritional supplement that my system needed to overcome the difficulties I was having.


Thank you so much for this most encouraging reply. I've been taking the Ambrotose for a few weeks now but not noticed any improvement yet. Can you tell me which products you took and how much - I'm on half a teaspoon twice a day of Ambrotose at the moment, but was wondering if the Plus was better for thyroid problems?


Interestingly, I just came across this BMJ report:

BMJ. 2008 Mar 29; 336(7646): 689.

doi: 10.1136/bmj.39532.350729.DB

PMCID: PMC2276256

GP advised patients to take pills made by company she worked for

An out of hours GP who encouraged patients to take nutritional supplements from which she stood to profit must work under imposed conditions for 15 months, after a General Medical Council panel found she had abused her power as a doctor.

Vivienne Balonwu gave promotional leaflets and DVDs that made extravagant claims about the benefits of glyconutrients to four patients whom she visited at their homes in the early weeks of 2006. At the time she was working for the private clinical services company Harmoni, which provides out of hours services for 14 primary care trusts, mostly in the south of England.

She told the GMC panel that she had begun taking glyconutrients, a commercial term used for certain sugary plant extracts, during a trip to the United States. Upon her return to the United Kingdom, she contacted the UK office of the manufacturer, Mannatech, and became an associate of the company.

Dr Balonwu acknowledged under cross examination telling one patient who had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that glyconutrients might alleviate his recurrent chest infections. She filled out an order form on his behalf for a five month supply of the supplement, at £271 (€348; $537) a month.

Dr Balonwu told the panel that she believed the clinical part of her consultation was over when she raised the subject of glyconutrients and that she felt she was offering private not medical advice. But under questioning she agreed that if patients were told by her, “as a doctor, that something would benefit them, they are almost certain to take that on board.”

Dr Balnowu later gave or sent promotional material to three other patients. She was found to have told one patient, who had had a stroke, of the testimonial of a US doctor, taken from the promotional material, who claimed that his complications from a severe stroke resolved after taking glyconutrients.

During each visit, she prescribed appropriately for the patients’ conditions, and recorded her clinical steps in her notes. But she did not record her advice about glyconutrients, in breach of Harmoni’s rules that advice given to patients be recorded. Dr Balonwu was dismissed by Harmoni after patients complained about her marketing of glyconutrients.

Mannatech prohibits its UK sellers from making claims of medical cures, but Dr Balonwu told the panel that she bought DVDs and testimonial material from a different company, Glycotools, on the internet. She told the panel that she herself found some of the claims “ridiculous” and “a bit unbelievable,” but thought that glyconutrients could alleviate symptoms by strengthening the immune system.

Dr Balonwu was found to have acted inappropriately, not in the best interests of her patients, and to have abused her position as a doctor.

The panel’s chairman, Robin Knill-Jones, told Dr Balonwu that for a period of 15 months she must avoid private or short term locum work and must complete a supervised personal development plan to tackle “shortcomings” in her practice.

Mannatech is the creation of the US entrepreneur Sam Caster, who has faced lawsuits for a number of products, including the Electrocat, a device that supposedly emitted pulsed vibrations to deter pests. It was pulled from shelves after tests by the Texas attorney general’s office showed that it emitted no vibrations whatsoever.


I can't really explain the science behind it but mannatech ambrotrose advanced worked well for me throughout very aggressive chemo regiments along with protein and I was active even hiking through chemo. But if I ran out of either I felt horrible and was in bed all day. I also know Doctors who take it themselves and believe in its benefits it won't hurt to try it that's my opinion and experience for sure


And just FYI I don't sell or promote it I'm just someone who has used it and experienced benefits from doing so I believe it cobtributed to my surviving late stage ovarian cancer for which I was given a prognosis of a 20% chance and 5 years to live ..........I am currently at year 10 still cancer free

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I will not be trying this product. It may well produce good results, it may not. The cost alone would be beyond me. However, I would make one point only: Remember what the medical profession says about NDT... It is not in their, or Big pharmas interests to have people well; their raison d'etre disappears in that situation...


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