Just a note to remind everyone that no one, including the Admin Team, on this community should be assumed to have medical training of any sort.

Everyone is only speaking from their own experience, that of friends/family or other people they may have spoken to.

People MAY be able to evidence some of their information by linking to research or reliable websites, or quoting from well researched books and if at all possible this should be done when making 'definite' statements.

Just because something worked for you, this categorically does not mean that it will work for everyone, or indeed anyone, else! Please can everyone remember that in everything that they post.

Everyone is entitled to have their opinions listened to and respected, this does not mean that everyone has to agree with them, but please keep arguing to a minimum and personal snipes and attacks should be avoided at all costs.

We have Posting Guidelines which are there to aid with the smooth running of the site and the comfort and safety of everyone.

Please can everyone take a moment to read (or re-read) the Guidelines.

Thank you.

Louise Warvill

PA to Lyn Mynott

Thyroid UK

On Behalf of the Admin Team

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  • I have read this....!

  • Read, marked, learned (ish) and inwardly digested.

  • Always try to mention that it is what I have read - or learned from others who know more than me - or an experience - am not a medical person - do not have a white coat or a stethoscope - is there something else I should be saying. ?

    Whilst on the topic of what we should and shouldn't do - please can you ask members to acknowledge when someone has replied at length in an attempt to be helpful. It is increasingly obvious to me that fewer and fewer people say thank you.

  • Hi Marz

    No worries - You have just about summed it all up there! :)



  • OK Louise

  • Have read this, but may or may not remember all of it (lol).

  • a matter of decorum ,respect ,objectivity and PERSONAL experience and to try to [ maybe ] point someone else in THEIR possible correct direction ----BUT NOT FOR ANYONE TO ASSUME THAT [WE] or [ALL] ARE THE DEFINITIVE ANSWER TO EVERYONES PROBLEMS .......after all we are all here to help others in this journey to better health in this particular situation ....... everything needs to be taken in its own context !!!!

  • Thank you for the reminder I have read it

  • Read and noted.


  • Read and understood.

  • Read

  • Hi Louise

    Read and fully digested info.

  • Already done.

  • I have read this

  • i have read this☺

  • read it

  • Read it!

  • OK note taken, thanks

  • read

  • Read this

  • Read this.

  • Got this thanks Louise, a good reminder.

  • Read it and got it. Thank you :-)

  • Read thanks x

  • I have read this thankyou.

  • Read and acknowledged

  • Read

  • Yes, Louise. It's good to bring notice that if anyone answers or responds to queries the answers ares down to our own personal experiences.

  • Read and understood

  • Read and digested ...... Retained? I make no promises!!!

  • Read and understood

  • got it :-)

  • read and noted

  • Sorry i Forgot, yes ive read.

  • Thank-you, I have read it.

  • Read and understood

  • I have read and understood.

  • Read and noted

  • Read it...

  • Read it Thankyou

  • Thank you, I have read and understood - as a newcomer it is very useful to have these sensible and respectful guidelines/ground-rules for the forum.

  • I have read it

  • Read thamks

  • Good advice. Thanks!

  • Read.

  • Read x

  • Read and understood.

  • Read and noted. Thanks

  • Have read this! !

  • Just like to confirm that I've read your Guidelines and agree with them totally. However I do appreciate the information obtained from people's personal experience because you realise your not alone.

  • I've read this too. This is a support group for a condition that is not "one therapy suits all", despite what doctors think!

  • Read!

  • Great reminder. I am guilty of all sorts, I am sure.

    My main gripe would be unwittingly scaring people by suggesting other illnesses when no one knows. Folks are frightened and stressed already without flagging up more disease.

  • Oops..praps wasn't sposed to say that.

  • It's all good.


  • Thank you, I have read this :)

  • Thank you :-)

  • Read it.

  • read but im new here and cant find the guide lines

  • Read it

  • Amen.....Thank you for being here.

  • I have read this.

  • I think I did acknowledge before, can't remember, sorry.

  • Read and understood..

  • Agreed!

  • Read and understood :-)

  • Read this.

  • I have read it. thank you.

  • read and understood

  • I have read it. Thank you

  • Thankyou

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