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TSH 0.01


I`ve not been feeling well with nausea, tiredness, body aches, dizzy and headaches. I had RAI last October and eventually reached 125 mcg levo, which for a short time I felt well on.

Since then I`ve gone steadily downhill with the above symptoms and had recent bloods which showed-

TSH 0.01 range is ( 0.35- 3.50)

T3 4.5 ( 3.8- 6.0)

The T4 wasn`t done for some reason?

I`m due to see my endo soon but wondered what these results may mean before I see her.

Any opinions please.



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I am sorry you are feeling quite unwell. I don't think the after care is explained to patients before they have RAI in the belief by most Endos that levothyroxine will bring back their health as it is the only hormone recommended in the BTA guidelines.

I only have hypothyroidism but for me levothyroxine did not do the trick and make me well. Your Endo may want to adjust your hormones (down) because of your low TSH. I often had the same but didn't have my T4 adjusted.

Ask if you can have T3 (liothyronine) added to your T4 (levothyroxine).

Before you see the Endo ask your GP to do a Free T3 blood test because if it is below range ask the Endo to prescribe T3 as you don't feel well at all. New research has shown that T3/T4 should be in the 1 to 3 prescript, i.e. 25mcg of T3 to 75mcg of levo (or equivalent whichever dose of levo your on.)

T3 is the active hormone required by all our receptor cells and we have many and T4 may not convert to sufficient T3.


Thank you Shaws

Luckily my endo is one of the few who prescribe T3, so hopefully she`ll agree. I haven`t time to get another blood test before I see her as I realized my appointment is this Friday.

I hope she doesn`t lower the levo as I was worse when it I was taking 100mcg.



Tell her you didn't feel better on the lower dose. I hope your consultation goes well.


Thank you


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