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New thing to worry about. Liver issues with hashimotos

Went for my 1st blood test check up after taking levo. On 50 mg. Now due to a mix up the tsh levels were not checked but my liver was and the ALT (an enzyme) in the liver has come back high and now my doc is sending me for a barrage of tests.

Does anyone have any info on what this means. Doc mentioned auto immune hepititus. I freaked at that obviously. I read up about it and ALL the side effects are what I am experiencing and mirror thyroid issues.

Any advice greatfully received

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Sorry to hear your ALT is high, Baffled2015.

This link explains the test and other tests which need doing to confirm liver disease


Depends how high the ALT is because many hypothyroid patients have higher than normal ALT until their thyroid is correctly treated

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