Ali Cans!

Ali Cans!

Hi All

Does anyone remember the lovely Alan and his Ali Can competition!?

Life kind of got in the way for a bit, but here is Alan and his can collection! :)

Here are the guesses so far in KG:

75 118 125 129 137 140 140 143 144 148 155 168 170 173

185 189 192 211 232 248

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about - Alan collects aluminium in his garden, sells it for scrap and then gives Thyroid UK the money! :)

The idea this time, is that people pay £1 to guess the weight in KG of the scrap he has collected. MINIMUM prize of £100 (or £50 each).

If someone gets the weight EXACTLY right, then Alan has very kindly offered to give a prize to that person of the same amount! Guesses in WHOLE KG only please!

Alan is estimating 200 - 350 kg.

If no one gets it spot on, Alan has offered to give a prize of 50% of the amount to the person who gets nearest, without going over and 50% to TUK.


Scrap raises £100.

You guess the EXACT weight - Alan will give you £100

You guess nearest, without going over - Alan will give you £50 and TUK £50

Thyroid UK gets the £1 entries and the value of the scrap.

If more than one person guesses right or nearest, they will share the prize money.

If anyone would like to get involved with Alan's unique fundraising idea - please do one of the following:

Drop a cheque (payable to Thyroid UK) for £1 in the post with a note with your name, address, email/phone number and your guess in KG

32 Darcy Road, St Osyth, Clacton on Sea, Essex, CO16 8QF


Drop me an email with the same details and ALI GUESS in the subject and I will send you a Paypal payment request.

The FINAL closing date for guesses is 31st August. The winner(s) will be notified during the first week of September.

Why not have a go and help to raise funds for Thyroid UK!?

As usual, a HUGE THANK YOU to Alan for his generosity. :)



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  • wheres the photo's ?????? on the post ??????????

  • *sigh* It's disappeared...! :(



  • Can you see it now!?


  • yes .... now you may know what a hard paper round I had [ i'm only 21+ NOT MY I.Q. ] ........ don't forget that most of the 'sacks ' are full either crunched/uncrunched ........alan xxxxx

  • You a naughty boy Alan! As usual you do everything with such enthusiasm and gusto (wish I had that energy) 3 out of 5 guesses are going to be too low?

    Or is this a cunning plan for us to try again!!!

    Thank you also for your continuing contributions to the Jam Jar/ collection box idea. You are a Super Supporter.

    Gold Star. XX

  • Of course it is a cunning plan! ;)


  • what no BLUE PETER BADGE YET ????????..........I suppose I will have to keep on trying ---- as I always do [ some say that i'm V E R Y trying ]..... jam jar coll already gone over £200 so far and counting in perpetuity from your little acorn .....alan xxx

  • Awww - You can have some butterfly badges..?



  • I only accept ' blue peter badges ' ..... coz i'm an antique like them ...... mega yuks !!!!!

  • Can't help there then! :)



  • and there was me thinking you was good !!!!!

  • nah


  • you know what happens when you keep repeating that word don't you ?????....................

  • Someone gives you a bendy yellow fruit?

    People think you are a police car?


    nah, nah, ne nah nah...



  • totally incorrect ......nah nah [ when you say it together ] means and sounds like YOUR grandkids ...... or am I preceding and giving your age away ????? .....have you never heard a likal 1 say ' nana can I have that ' OR WHAT' ....... told you I had a weird humour ...... I've got to pick meself off the floor now from the chuckles /yuks and I may have to get to the loo [ saves the embarrassment !! ]...hope likal 'L' likes my reply to her pinned post ........alan xxx

  • ahhhh! LOL


  • did you finally get wet ?? ..... when you fell in ??? ....weird humour or what !!!!!!

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