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Calling newbies

Hi I've been following for a good while now, I first knew something was wrong when i went to Egypt and was cold all the time and swelled with fluid!! I thought bloody hell my hearts gone!! But got lots of different symptoms!! My TSH above 100 wouldn't test further and another test which I did not know if was t3 or 4 was less then 0.03 so felt very ill!! But now on thyroxine feel ok!!! Just letting newbies know you will be fine I had numerous anxiety attacks but you will not die!! I thought I was a goner but Alls good!! If u need any reasurrace I'm here thanks x

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What a great post Danni82,

It's so good to hear from people who are doing well on their meds. You must have come a long way.



That's good as some people don't feel well on levothyroxine and it's reassuring for them to know that someone has recovered their health. You are obviously on an optimum of levo for you and that your doctor has increased until you had sufficient.

Best wishes.


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