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Hi again ,been on 45 mcg t3 only ,20 mcg ,15 mcg, 10mcg throughout day.Felt bit better for few days ,now feel bad again ,gone up to 50 mcg yesterday and feel awful today,I always feel so bad when I raise ,then feel bit better after about 2 weeks.Also I ache all over very slow when getting up.I feel like a sponge soaking up t3 and when no more t3 ,need more .Still feel so lethargic and not sleeping well,when I first started t3 only I did sleep well and felt so cosy.When I feel bit better I think this is it on the way but then feel so bad,do not understand what is going on.

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Susie, Hopefully you'll be near your optimal dose of T3 now you're on 50mcg and you won't need further dose increases and the T3 will start relieving your symptoms. I think you are due blood tests soon?


Yes Clutter 2 weeks till bloods,t3 has not been an instant miracle worker ,but is changing things slowly,is this normal,can not really go out and about a lot as have no standing stamina,I really want to get back to work ,although my career as a staff nurse is now over as I could not manage that anymore.I just want to join the human race again, as this terrible change in my 15 year journey with hashimotos has taken nearly 2 years of my life away.


Susie, I don't know how long it will take you to feel well but you are feeling improvement, albeit slow, which is promising. Once you feel well you should be able to become gradually more active and improve your stamina.

I've felt well for 18 months now but still have low stamina and energy and need to pace myself carefully.


H i Clutter ,thanks for you support and info ,you always give reassuring advice.


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