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Non stop swallowing!!

Since my early twenties I have had a swallowing problem sometimes its severe. Its almost like I have something lodged in my throat so I swallow and swallow over and over, its like a reflex action. I have had all sorts of tests and scans (and all seems to be ok). I have been diagnosed with a hyper active thyroid problem. Has any one else had this issue?

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BG1954, I felt like a large piece of apple or something was stuck in my throat on and off for years. GP suggested it was Globus sensation which is idiopathic. Many years later, a lump appeared in my neck. It was a 2.8cm thyroid nodule which compressed my windpipe and was surgically removed to relieve the compression. I've not experienced the globus sensation since surgery.

Your thyroid may be swollen due to your hyperthyroidism. Ask your GP to refer you for an ultrasound scan of your thyroid as sometimes a goitre may not be obviously visible or palpable but may nevertheless be large enough to press on your trachea. If you haven't had a thyroid test recently it's a good idea to request one to check levels.


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