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Now my son hypo?

I started very hypothyroid 8 months after my son was born but I’m now certain I was hypo well before he was born. He’s now 34 and has a few of the symptoms I had before my meds were correct. He’s totally unable to get out of bed in the morning, unable to put on weight or keep it on, unable to organise his life; lurches from one crisis to the next. I have wondered for a long time if he’s on the autistic spectrum – perhaps Aspergers, although he’s very sociable & just about manages to do his job. I know the first thing should be blood tests with his GP but I’m doubting he will agree to do that. Any advice please gratefully received.

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How heavy was he when he was born ?


6lb 12oz gorgeous healthy baby! Born by c-section


Just wondered as Dr Peatfield mentions in his book that when Mums are Hypo the babies detect the low thyroid and produce their own growth hormone and end up being big babies. I had two - one around 9lbs and one 9.7lbs.

I have a friend who had 5 C-sections - and has now been diagnosed Hypo - she is convinced there is a connection.

Just trying to join up the dots :-)


I had a C-section for all 0.99 kgms of my son, who was born with multiple hormonal problems and special needs.


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