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best way to take Armour?

I know this has been discussed before, and I apologise for come back to it. I have several unopened bottles of Armour, and I have been considering giving it another chance, as many now seem happy on it.

Those of you on Armour and doing well on it, how do you take it (swallow, chew, crush and mix with honey or sugar, sublingually...)?

Since the price of NDT has gone up in Belgium in recent months (that is where I order my meds), a pharmacy offers capsules they make themselves, with 5 grain pills that they crush and mix, and then offers in all strengths. That would be cheaper than buying the original Armour, but I am not too sure about the 5 grain pills, as many seem to think that the lower strength pills work better...?

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I take Armour and chew the tablets and usually take with water though have not noticed any difference if I take with juice as long as no added calcium. I used to take with juice as they tasted so horrible but don't know if I have just got used to it or they have changed slightly but the taste is not so bad now.

5 grains seems a large dose - not sure you could split them effectively. I had to start on 1/4 grain and increase very slowly in 1/4 grain increments though others seem to tolerate more. Not sure that higher or smaller dose tablets work any differently but maybe others have different experiences to me.


Sorry, I did not express myself very clearly! The pharmacy in question takes 5 grain pills, crushes them, and then puts the powder in capsules, in several strengths. I guess a 15 mg capsule contains a fraction of a 5 grain pill...The reason they do this is to keep costs down, as it is more cost-effective to take 5 grain pills and split into smaller doses. I have no idea how they know how much is in each capsule, but to me it seems like "compounding" the way they do it in the US.

When you chew Armour up, are you happy with it? Does it work for you? I have read about people who crush the pills and mix with honey, and I have been considering doing that (I am currently on Erfa but have just not been right on it lately, so I've had to add some Thyro Gold to feel truly well...I thought I'd give Armour a try, as quite a few users now seem happy with it).

I have also read about others who take cellulase (like Candex) with Armour. Cellulase breaks down's intended use is to treat candida infections, but it also seems to work very nicely when it comes to breaking down cellulose, allowing the body access to thyroid hormone...


I am not completely well on Armour and am trialling adding a bit of extra T3. It seems I have receptor resistance and poor conversion of T4 so cannot tolerate a high enough dose of Armour as my T4 levels go too high and cause more problems but was also unwell on T3 alone. It seems as though it is trial and error until everybody finds what suits them individually.

I found a book called Hypothryoidism by Dr Mark Starr who uses Armour very helpful and the Stop the Thyroid Madness website and book. Although my GP has been very supportive and prescribes my Armour but has no experience of it so I have just read all I could. I have never had a problem with chewing the Armour, apart from the taste which is why people mix it with honey I guess but as I said seem to have got used to it now.


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